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Greek composer Sakis Gouzonis releases new album Liberating Truth

United States of America
Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Liberating Truth is the ninth instrumental album from one of the hardest-working composers the Greek music scene has to offer. After years spent perfecting his music and his live sound, the Greek composer now finally has an album in hand that matches his collective talent level. That is not to disparage anything he released prior. He has never put out a mediocre album, but simply put, this album trumps all that came before in songwriting, execution and production.

Sakis Gouzonis, also known mononymously as Sakis, is an electronic music composer and orchestrator. He is best known for his award-winning music tracks Anthem Of Love, Give Me A Chance, Elegy, Elohim, Eternal Peace and Seed Of Hope, as well as for his award-winning music album New Earth.

The instrumental electronic music of Sakis Gouzonis has been recommended by many media outlets around the world. In the recent past, Steve Sheppard, former commentator of BBC, wrote about Sakis' instrumental music: "…A man much decorated in the world of international music and rated to be the biggest export Greece has ever had, Gouzonis really brings this home with the composition Lead Me HomeTill The End Of Time has a grandeur and a majestic quality about it that after hearing one would have to stand and applaud…"

Today, Sakis Gouzonis is the most popular Greek independent artist, having more than 660,000 followers. Sakis' official website,, is one of the most visited artist websites in Greece and globally.

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