To Be United on Indie Spoonful

To Be United, the 3rd track from Sakis Gouzonis' 9th studio album titled Liberating Truth, has been added to the Radio section of Indie Spoonful.

After listening to Sakis Gouzonis' 9th studio album, Bryon Harris said, "I listened to Sakis' music, and I was very impressed…"

Indie Spoonful is an e-magazine based in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA. It is dedicated to reviewing and promoting the best indie music by getting back to basics. They write objective, honest, in-depth, quality reviews about artists they select.

A big thank you goes out to Bryon Harris, editor-in-chief of Indie Spoonful, for adding Sakis Gouzonis' music track To Be United to the Radio section of Indie Spoonful and for his positive feedback.

News #309 about Sakis

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