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Golden Heart by multi-award-winning composer Sakis Gouzonis

Article by Nick
Journalist for The Music Blog
Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Greek electronic composer Sakis Gouzonis is back with his seventh studio album titled Golden Heart. The new album was produced by Sakis himself in his recording studio located at the foot of Mount Olympus.

Golden Heart, an amazing hybrid of electronic, pop and cinematic music, showcases the composer's considerable strengths: buoyant, unforgettable melodies, sleek, stylish orchestrations and energetic, dynamic performances. The Power Of Your Love is a stunning epic track with a brilliant bass line and lead melody, which could be the main theme of a Hollywood epic movie. Other highlights include the deeply groovy On A Happy Sunday, the propulsive Beautiful, and You Are My Strength, which will thrill long-time Sakis Gouzonis fans with its awesome beat and high-stepping melody.

Sakis Gouzonis, also known as Sakis, was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. His musical career took off when he entered the international Composition Competition 2007, winning third prize and a commendation award for two tracks from his debut album First Contact. To this day, Sakis has released seven full-length albums, has won a total of ten international music awards and distinctions, and has gained more than half a million fans in 220 countries and territories. What makes this all the more impressive is that it has all been done independently, with no record labels involved in supporting him.

Since 2008, he has captivated audiences in Greece, Europe. His music has been heard on radio and television and his many recordings have been recommended by Highwire Daze, IMRadio, Blazing Minds, Cross Rhythms, AltSounds, Broadway World, CountryHome, Eyeplug, UK Top 40 Charts and many other media outlets around the world. Being the most successful independent artist in Greece, Sakis has also been featured on some of the biggest Greek media outlets, such as Imerisios Kirikas, Eleftheria, Mic, Tro-ma-ktiko, Tralala, Larissa Net and Zougla.

"I make music because music drives me more than food, sleep and sex," Sakis Gouzonis says. "I make music because it was one of my earliest comforts. I make music because I like to spread happiness to people of all ages and cultures. I make music because music is my breath. I make music because I am a musician."

Sakis Gouzonis' new album, which has been designed to provide a rich listening experience, contains 10 tracks of magnificent electronic music, and it is available for free at Be sure to check it out.

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