The Bandcamp Diaries reviewed Liberating Truth

The Bandcamp Diaries reviewed Sakis Gouzonis' 9th studio album, Liberating Truth.

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A big thank you goes out to Andrea Caccese, founder of The Bandcamp Diaries, for helping Sakis Gouzonis reach more listeners.

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Sakis Gouzonis – Liberating Truth

Album Review by Andrea Caccese
Founder of The Bandcamp Diaries
Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sakis Gouzonis is a multi-award-winning composer with a truly eclectic approach to his songwriting and musicality. His songs are known to be very emotional and deep, connecting with listeners on a personal level through beautiful sonic tapestry and moving cinematic atmosphere. His songs are what you would expect to hear within the soundtrack from a truly epic movie, accompanying and complementing beautiful imagery in a very special way; it's like a journey through sound.

His recent album, Liberating Truth, is a collection of free tracks that are available to the public for non-commercial use (although it is possible to contact the artist for other uses).

Sakis set out to develop a textural and vivid blend of sound that transcends melodies, harmonies and standard music characteristics. With the above statement, I mean that this isn't just music made "for the sake of music" – it is actually material that's meant to inspire the listener in a very vivid and visual way.

If you enjoy the music, it is also possible to donate to support its creation via Sakis' website:

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