Stereo Stickman reviewed Liberating Truth

Stereo Stickman reviewed Sakis Gouzonis' 9th studio album, Liberating Truth.

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A big thank you goes out to Rebecca Cullen, founder of Stereo Stickman, for helping Sakis Gouzonis reach more listeners.

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Sakis Gouzonis – Liberating Truth

Album Review by Rebecca Cullen
Founder of Stereo Stickman
United Kingdom
Friday, 24 June 2016

Liberating Truth opens up with a track that makes you feel as if you're right in the center of the action. The music has a primarily eighties-like sound to it, on an instrumental level – the synths and sounds and effects used are very reminiscent of the likes of Vangelis and Rick Wakeman, though it may take a while to notice the similarities. The music itself overpowers any judgment you may have, the way the melodies are performed is overwhelmingly effective; it transports you away from your now, it moves you, allows you to escape from the moment for a while. It feels, quite rightly, like A Breath of Life – an appropriately chosen title for the feelings the music brings up as you listen. It makes you excited to hear the rest of the project, keen to continue listening and build a bigger picture of the whole concept of Liberating Truth.

Deeper Places has a much more manic and reflective feel to its ambiance. It now becomes clear how far the stories within this release stretch; the creativity is vast and hopeful. This track brings about a feel of peace, the synths have a lighter and gentler sound to them now – the music, the song, as it were, is indeed one of deeper places, but it doesn't feel frightening or dark – it feels optimistic, though the urgency seems to increase slightly as you listen further. The notes get higher, lighter, perhaps edging more towards something crucial and moving.

To Be United is a title that makes you form a prediction in your mind as to how the track will sound. Ideas of togetherness, perhaps politically, across the world, or maybe on a smaller scale. The track itself sounds beautiful, there's a very light natured beat playing throughout, and once again the synths are gentle, merging the positive and the melancholy – in terms of the notes chosen. Overall, this is the point at which you realize there is that undeniable orchestral atmosphere to Sakis Gouzonis' music.

There is a consistent thread throughout these tracks, there is the underlying concept, but the power of the music is always that fusion of electronica and orchestral. The effect being such strength and musical artistry, that the individual instruments almost become forgotten at times – it's music to lose yourself within, and that gives it so much power. To Be United has a feeling of marching to it, the massiveness of an army, perhaps, or a nation coming together. It sounds important and big, not some minor issue.

A Land of Peace and Happiness builds on this idea of togetherness further, the idea of oneness, that idea of peace – a huge theme expressed consistently throughout the tracks on Liberating Truth. There is so much hope in the music, regardless of whether or not you knew the title, the feelings it brings about as you listen are so very well suited to the assumed intention of the music. It suggests an experienced and highly creative artist and producer. Not concerned with anything but the art, and what needs to be said with it. There are some really unusual instrumental moments in this track, it almost sounds like there is a choir present at times, but it remains instrumental and electronic. It's clever, and really interesting to experience.

Then you get Time To Celebrate, which opens with these tremendously celebratory horns, immediately giving off a vibe of triumph, the overcoming of struggles, the moment of the win. The classic synth comes back in soon enough to keep that artist thread throughout the songs, but there is a whole lot that is new about this particular song. The moment is expressed quite brilliantly. Until We See All People Free continues the hopefulness, but now there is a sense of there being work to be done. The real challenge lies ahead, it seems, and as the title implies – you get the feeling there is a certain determination standing tall among all of this. A feeling of "we will not stop until" – until freedom for all is found, reached, achieved. It"s a wonderful thing to express, particularly in such an artistic and dedicated manner.

Across The Horizon is a beautiful piece of music, it feels like the penultimate moment of importance, the approaching edge of tomorrow. As mentioned, much of the music in this release has that similar feeling of pride and positivity. The final three tracks round things off superbly, it's a time at which you know for certain just how much thought and effort has gone into the making and arranging of the music in this album. Ever Since The World Began is soft, yet hugely thought provoking, and along with Refine Us All and Love One Another, the music here brings things to a close with great intrigue and hope – it somehow leaves you feeling very involved, very connected to the music and the ideas, and hopefully will send you off inspired to make whatever changes may need to be made in your own experience of life.

The album is one worth experiencing in its entirety, for certain. Fans of orchestral or electronic music, fans of music that allows you to escape, reflect, learn, change the way you feel – this is absolutely something for you to listen to. There is a lot more music over on Sakis Gouzonis' Website. Listen to the album Liberating Truth in full by clicking here. In the meantime, this is Across The Horizon.

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