Sakis Gouzonis – To Be United

To Be United is a music track by Sakis Gouzonis.


To Be United

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Track Info

To Be United is a music track by Greek composer Sakis Gouzonis.

It is the 3rd track on his 9th studio album, Liberating Truth, which was released on 16 May 2016.

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Artist Info

Sakis Gouzonis is a Greek composer of electronic music. He is also the first Greek indie artist to become widely known through the Internet. The unique and fascinating biography of Sakis Gouzonis is available in English and in Greek.


Sakis Gouzonis
Composer | Orchestrator | Producer | Performer

Sakis Gouzonis in Greece

Sakis Gouzonis in Elassona, Greece.


"Checking out the world of electronic music as presented by Sakis Gouzonis
is like traveling on a journey to the most wondrous and mystical of places…"

Kenneth Morton
Editor & Publisher of Highwire Daze (USA)


"…His sweeping melodies and stunning chord changes
are a real testament to his undoubted talent…"

Steve Sheppard
Music Critic for One World Music & Former BBC Reporter (UK)


How frequently does Sakis Gouzonis release new music albums?

Sakis releases a new music album every year. Each album contains ten original tracks.

Where does Sakis Gouzonis record his music?

Sakis records his music in a secret place at the foot of Mount Olympus. No one knows the exact location of his studio.

Does Sakis Gouzonis use the western system of musical notation?

Sakis does not use the western system of musical notation. When he was a child, he created his own system of musical notation, which he still uses today.

When did Sakis Gouzonis know he had the gift of music?

Sakis was twelve years old when he got his first keyboard. When he put his hands on it, he felt a strange power throughout his body. He immediately knew he had the gift of music.

Did Sakis Gouzonis study music?

Sakis did not study music. He is a self-taught composer and musician.

What is one of his biggest dreams in life?

Competing at the Eurovision Song Contest is one of his biggest dreams in life.


Music Licensing

If you want to use Sakis' music in your movies, videos, video games or any other projects, please contact him in English or in Greek.

Sakis will be more than happy to allow you to use his music in your projects. He just wants to know how, when, where and by whom his music will be used.




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