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Here you can read questions and answers, which are also available in JPG format. Every year, a few months before the release of a new album, you can ask Sakis Gouzonis anything you want. The answers to the best and most original questions are published here.


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Questions and Answers 11-20

Questions and Answers #11

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #11

Greece, European Union
Saturday, 18 August 2018

Can music bring people together?

As a universal language, music can bring people together, enhance the mutual understanding between different countries, and be a source of energizing inspiration and hope. The power of music to connect on a local, national, and international level is tremendous. Being a music fan is a way of being a part of a community, of belonging to a group with whom you feel a connection. The common love for music can transcend boundaries and common differences. I believe in the unifying power of music.

Does music have the power to heal?

I believe that music can help people with many different physical and emotional disorders or diseases. Music brings beauty, harmony, and pleasure to life. Music gives us the opportunity to connect with the innermost part of our being. On a scientific level, studies show that patients who listen to music are less anxious, and recover more quickly.

Do you believe in humanity?

Yes, I believe in humanity. I believe in the power of kindness, compassion, understanding, and tolerance. I believe that all of these things are distinctly human. I believe it is in our nature to look out for one another, no matter our fundamental differences. I believe that the very nature of being human transcends any and all differences we as humans have. I believe and will continue to believe in humanity.

Do you think that humanity has a future beyond Earth?

For the time being, I think there is nowhere else in our solar system that is as comfortable as our own planet. We must address our problems here. However, I believe that by the next century, there will be some people living on other planets, such as Mars. Within a few centuries, I believe they will have become a new species.

Who was your favorite teacher growing up and why?

Vasiliki Vrouvliani. She was a wonderful teacher that made learning fun and exciting. Many of her students, including myself, cried a lot on the day of her retirement. I will always remember her as one of the most influential in my life.

What are you grateful for?

I give thanks that I am healthy enough to work and compose new music. I give thanks that I am a composer who creates music that enriches the lives of my fellow human beings.

I am a new artist. How can I build my e-mail list?

When it comes to building your e-mail list, the easiest way to do it is by having a subscription form on your website. Make sure it is an eye-catcher, and add a sentence or two telling people what they can expect when they subscribe. If you are a performing musician, live events are another great opportunity to grow your e-mail list. You can also use some social media platforms to let people know about your e-mail list. And always remember three things: You need permission to e-mail someone. Your e-mails should always be valuable, engaging, and not sent too often. Allow people to unsubscribe if they no longer want to receive your e-mails.

What museums should I visit in Athens?

You should visit the Acropolis Museum, which is focused on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis. You should also visit the National Archaeological Museum, which houses some of the most important Greek artifacts from prehistory to late antiquity.

Would you rather never have internet access again or never take an airplane in your life?

I would rather never take an airplane in my life. I am afraid of airplanes, because I am not in control. Besides, I can visit any country I want by using other means of transportation. Or I can use the internet to virtually visit any country I want.

Would you rather find true love or win a million euros?

I would rather find true love. Of course, true love is not easy to find, but it is worth the wait.

When was the last time you wore someone else's shoes?

I never wear other people's shoes.

When did you last buy socks?

I bought 5 new pairs of socks about a month ago.

Have you ever gone mountain climbing?

I've done this many times so far.

When did you last hear thunder?

It was three weeks ago or so.

When was the last time you worked on a jigsaw puzzle?

It was many years ago. But I would love to work again on a new one. I like jigsaw puzzles a lot.

What type of book would you write?

A science fiction book.

If there are eight oranges and you take away two, how many do you have?

The two I took.

How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?

Only once. Next time I would be subtracting 10 from 90.

What time do you usually have breakfast?

I usually have breakfast at 9:00 AM.

What is your favorite number?

I love the number 1.

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Questions and Answers 11-20

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