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Here you can read questions and answers, which are also available in JPG format. Every year, a few months before the release of a new album, you can ask Sakis Gouzonis anything you want. The answers to the best and most original questions are published here.


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Questions and Answers 1-10

Questions and Answers #10

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #10

Greece, European Union
Monday, 17 April 2017

If you had to describe humanity in 3 words, what would those words be?

Beautiful. Creative. Intelligent.

What are the pros and cons of colonizing other planets? How could this help or hurt the human race?

On the pros side, it would bring a tremendous improvement to all forms of technology. It would provide inspiration for scientists, astronauts, etc. We would learn more things about the development of our planet and solar system. We would have a better understanding of our place in the universe. On the cons side, it would be very expensive and extremely dangerous. Also, there would most probably be a conflict in how the colony is run.

What breaks and never falls and what falls and never breaks?

Day breaks, and night falls.

Do you like rain?

I like rain, but only at night. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain.

How do you get people to take you seriously as a musician?

I never treat my music as a hobby. Listeners will take you as seriously as you take yourself. If you treat your music like it's not that important, other people will do the same.

What is your advice on touring?

First of all, you must have great music. Booking gigs without having great music is going to be really tough. Have a quality website (not a profile / page on social media, but an official website). Keep your booking e-mails short. Put your website and a few press quotes within your e-mail. Book your gigs many months in advance. Don't take too many gigs on your first tour. Play four or five nights per week and leave a few days off. And always remember that each tour builds on the next. Persevere, and don't get discouraged. Respect your listeners, and play great shows. The loyalty of your listeners will keep you coming back for years to come.

Do you like the Eurovision Song Contest?

Yes, I do. Actually, it is one of my dreams to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest.

If you were a T-shirt, what color would you be?

White. Maybe because white is often associated with being pure and fresh.

How many hats do you have in your house?

I have more than ten hats in my house.

What do you think about online dating?

Online dating is a way of meeting new people you probably wouldn't have met otherwise. You may even find the love of your life.

What is your opinion on plastic surgery?

Personally, I wouldn't have an operation except in the case of a heavy accident or health problem. However, I have no problem with others doing it for non-medical reasons.

Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?

Well, it depends on what the appointment is for.

Are you ever isolated from people?

Yes, when I feel like I should be alone.

Would you rather be poor and attractive or rich and unattractive?

I would rather be poor and attractive.

Can you do push-ups?

Yes, I can.

Are you into football? If so, who do you support?

Yes, I am. But I only watch European and international football competitions and leagues. I always support Greece.

What do you think about hot dogs?

I don't really think about hot dogs.

Would you rather have a very expensive car and an ugly house or a very cheap car and a beautiful house?

I would rather have a very cheap car and a beautiful house.

Would you rather save someone's life or have a bucket full of gold?

I would rather save someone's life.

Would you want to stay the age you are physically forever or stay the way you are now financially forever?

I would want to stay the age I am physically forever.

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Questions and Answers #9

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #9

Greece, European Union
Monday, 16 May 2016

Do you believe in the existence of aliens?

Yes, I do. The fact that there are other intelligent beings out there is highly likely. I cannot imagine what they look like or how their societies are formed, but I do believe that there must be other planets with intelligent beings. If we assume that one of those extraterrestrial civilizations are some hundreds or thousands years ahead of us in technology and science, then maybe they have already visited us.

What would you do if you were immortal?

I would travel the world to the most remote unexplored areas, and I would attempt to solve the mysteries in all the places that a mortal could not survive. If I would not be bound by the human limitations of food, water and oxygen, I would be able to scale the highest peaks, cross the hottest deserts, and trek remote jungles with endless time to explore until something is found. I would do it for all of us. Such power should be shared and not withheld for one's own enjoyment.

Name one song of yours that stimulates your senses, elevates you, and gets you in a positive mood.

To Be United.

If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

If happiness was the national currency, the job that would make me rich would be the one I was born to do. Being a music composer is what makes me really happy.

Who is the richest person in the world?

The richest person in the world is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least.

If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Respect everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, social status, beliefs, or anything else.

What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

Being alive is breathing, having your heart beat. But truly living is actually enjoying your life. Truly living is having full mental faculties and being physically able to get around. Truly living is the ability to laugh and genuinely smile. Truly living is working hard and having a good time doing it. Truly living is going for every great opportunity you can without knowing where it is going to take you.

Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing?

I would rather have more work that I actually enjoy doing.

What do you do when life doesn't go as planned?

When life doesn't go as planned, I take a deep breath and remind myself that life's richness often comes from its unpredictability. Plans are funny things. Most of the time, when we make them, we aren't really the ones who control their outcomes.

What is the secret to getting ahead?

The secret to getting ahead is to focus all of your energy not on fighting yesterday, but on building something new today.

What's one of the best times for figuring out who you are and what you truly want?

Right after a chapter of your life comes to an end. It is very important to acknowledge and accept that every chapter in life has to come to an end sometime. It is very important to walk away and carry onward sensibly when something has reached its conclusion.

Do you trust your intuition?

Yes, I do. I don't need to explain or justify my feelings to everyone. I just trust my own inner guidance; it often knows best.

If you had to move to a country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?

There are many beautiful countries around the world. One of them is Sweden. Some of the advantages of living in Sweden include low crime rate, high level of education, and good social safety net. In addition, Sweden is an English-friendly country, so I wouldn't have to wait until I learned Swedish to move there. Of course, one of the downsides is the high cost of living.

Have you ever seen a tornado?

Yes, I have. In fact, I was only a few meters away when the tornado happened. Fortunately, the tornado lasted just a few seconds and then stopped immediately.

Is inner peace possible?

Yes, it is. Inner peace begins the moment you choose to be mindful by not allowing other people or events to dominate your emotions.

Name 3 drinks you regularly drink.

Water, orange juice and hot chocolate.

If someone was to approach you for a date, what would be your dream night out?

That would involve a meal somewhere not too casual but not overly fancy.

Do you think you will be in a relationship six months from now?

I would like to think so.

What songs do you sing in the shower?

I don't sing in the shower.

What was the last compliment that someone gave you?

"Your smile is very beautiful."

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Questions and Answers #8

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #8

Greece, European Union
Monday, 15 June 2015

What is your favorite motto in life?

Live the life you want to live, not the life others want you to live.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a child, I used to collect model aircraft. I wanted to be a pilot.

What's your preferred mode of communication, text or phone call?

Text is better when it's something short and quick, like "I'll be there in 5 minutes." But if it's something that will lead into conversation, I think phone call is better.

Breakfast at home? Breakfast on the go? Breakfast at your desk? No breakfast at all?

I prefer eating my breakfast at home. I always eat breakfast. It gives me energy so that I can have an action-packed day.

Do you like honey?

Yes, I do. Actually, I eat honey for breakfast several days a week. Honey tastes great and it is one of the most natural home remedies to treat a wide range of ailments and complaints. Honey is a really powerful immune system booster.

Is the glass half-empty or half-full? What's in the glass?

The glass is always half-full, with natural mineral water.

If you could go back in time twenty years, what advice would you give yourself?

Make good use of time; it passes by more quickly as you get older.

Who would play you in a movie?

Konstantinos Aspiotis; he is a talented Greek actor.

What did you learn the hard way?

Success does not get handed over to anyone; it requires a lot of hard work and experience.

What do you do when you are stressed?

I just take a break and listen to some relaxing music. Listening to soothing music can be a fantastic way to de-stress.

Have you ever met an artist that has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Jónsi. He represented Iceland eleven years ago in the Eurovision Song Contest that took place in Turkey. We talked for about half an hour right after the Grand Final. He is an amazing singer and a very communicative person.

List four of your tracks that you would listen to on a road trip.

From The Sky, Everyday Protection, Happy, and In Unity There Is True Strength.

Have you ever walked into a window because it was just that clean?

Yes, I have. Please tell me I am not the only one.

When shopping at the supermarket, do you return your cart?

Yes, I do. I always return my cart back to the cart holders in the parking lot.

Have you ever been to India?

Not yet, but I would love to visit India some day. India is an amazing country with beautiful people and wonderful places to visit. A few years ago, I found Baba on the internet, a cosmic barber from Pushkar, who has taken the basic shave and head massage to a whole new level. I would really like to have a cosmic head massage by Baba. I would also like to meet a few Indian artists.

If abandoned alone in the wilderness, who would you want with you?

MacGyver. I am sure he would know or could figure out how to survive.

Describe your first musical instrument.

My first musical instrument was the melodica. The melodica is a free-reed instrument. It has a keyboard on top, which is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that fits into a hole in the side of the instrument. My first melodica was two octaves long.

What's the best thing about being a musician?

The freedom to be as much expressive and creative as I want. I also enjoy the smiles on my fans' faces each time I release a new album; being able to inspire people and change their lives for the better is a really beautiful gift.

Why are you giving away your music for free?

I want you to have my music for free, and I want you to share it with your family, friends and colleagues. By giving away my music for free, hopefully what I will get is a lot of people on my official website and at my gigs. Consider it a promotional tool. Besides, in the future, everything will be free. The advances we have seen in the last few years -cars that drive themselves, humanoid robots, 3D printers, etc.- are only the beginning of what is yet to come. People will not have to work to feed themselves, clothe themselves or put a roof over their head.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of humanity?

I am optimistic, because there is a chance of a good self-fulfilling prophecy. It is dangerous to be pessimistic, because that could become a bad self-fulfilling prophecy. However, I avoid being naively optimistic.

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Questions and Answers #7

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #7

Greece, European Union
Monday, 14 July 2014

What do you like most about being an independent artist?

As an independent artist, I have total control over my career. This means that I decide when, where and how often I want to play or record music. I can record my music at home. I own my music completely, not a record label. I can license my music to films, video games, TV shows, commercials, etc. I can design the graphics for my music albums. I can create and promote videos. I can get my music into popular blogs, music websites, etc. I can get radio airplay. I decide how I want to market myself. I can promote my official website worldwide. I can develop a large fan base through social networks, search engines, etc. I can have my own e-newsletter. I can manage myself. I can book myself. I can get my own sponsors. My global reach is unprecedented. The opportunities for independent artists have never been greater. It is very exciting to be an independent artist these days.

What is your prognosis for the music industry, terminal decline or steady recovery?

There is no denying that the music industry has changed beyond recognition during the last years. Some parts of the music industry are in decline clearly (e.g., album / track sales), and other parts are filled with potential (e.g., live shows). Long gone are the days of the local record shop, and many of the bigger music stores are on their way out too. With the decline in revenues from recordings, the importance of touring and live shows has increased significantly.

What are the biggest challenges that new music producers face?

Standing out and sounding original. Nowadays, there is so much of everything out there that it is hard to have your own unique sound. Another challenge is to know when the right time is to release your music. I think a lot of music producers look back and wish they had waited a little longer before releasing their first album due to the lower standard of their music.

If you wanted to make your own genre name, what would it be?

Tingling music.

How do you feel when you complete a music track?

I feel very happy and very satisfied. The happiness and satisfaction I feel when I complete a music track is really huge and cannot be reflected fully in written words.

How do you feel at the end of a live show?

At the end of a live show there is definitely an abundance of strong emotions and positive thoughts racing around inside of me. The applause from my audience fills me with tremendous energy and electric excitement. I have also a strong sense of accomplishment. I have spent countless hours rehearsing, and I have finally delivered my performance. This is the best way to sum up what I feel like at the end of a live show, but in no way can words really convey the powerful impact of a live show on me.

Do you write any songs with lyrics or is it all instrumental?

For the time being, I only write instrumental music.

What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory is standing at the top of a stairway while holding my father's right hand and my mother's left hand.

What makes you smile?

I smile when I complete a new music track or a new music album. I smile when I see the sunrise or the sunset. I smile when I look at pictures from my childhood. I smile when I make a new friend. I smile when I eat ice-cream.

Name five of your favorite American actors.

Jake Gyllenhaal – I like his strong, emotional performances. Jim Carrey – I like his flexible body movements and his weird facial expressions that are usually accompanied by an equally weird voice or laugh. Johnny Depp – I like his whispering voice and the way he plays eccentric outcasts whose oddities are usually misunderstood. Keanu Reeves – I like his intense contemplative gaze as well as the fact that he is not only one of the most giving celebrities of all time, but he is also a man of good character. Tom Cruise – I like his beaming smile and intense eye contact as well as the way he plays intelligent yet laidback and likeable characters. But I have many more favorite American actors.

What is your favorite word?

My favorite word is "music."

What is your favorite track on your newest album?

All of them are really amazing. I am in love with each and every one of them.

What does love feel like?

Love feels like a warm cozy blanket wrapped tight around me on a cold winter's day. Love feels like a cool breeze on a hot summer's day.

Have you ever said "I love you" and not meant it?

When I say "I love you" to someone, I mean it.

How do you relax?

I relax by listening to music and watching movies.

What is one of the most important lessons life has taught you?

One of the most important lessons life has taught me is how incredibly valuable and important time is. We need to respect time and be very careful about how we spend it, because we can never stop time or move backwards in time. Our time is now, not tomorrow. Now is the time to follow our dreams and give our gifts back to the world.

What is your opinion on racism?

Unfortunately, even today we can see racist elements in various parts of the world growing. We must resist and combat racism. We must not allow racism to develop and grow, crushing human dignity and destroying social cohesion. Racism must be eradicated from everywhere in the world. All people must have equal rights.

Have you ever been bullied at school?

Never. Bullying should stop at school. I think all students should report bullying incidents, whether they are a victim or a witness, and teachers should intervene more to stop bullies. However, it is also important for teachers to look into a home situation and find out more about why the bullying takes place; a child or a teenager that acts as a bully may be in a home situation that is in crisis.

What is your favorite dessert?

My favorite dessert is chocolate.

What are your future plans?

I plan on writing as much new music as possible. I also want to continue learning about sound engineering, so I can stay competitive in the field. More importantly, I will keep working hard to become a better composer and orchestrator.

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Questions and Answers #6

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #6

Greece, European Union
Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Today I saw on the news that Elassona was on fire. Are you all right?

Yes, we are all right now. But that was an experience of a lifetime. At least fourteen fire fighting vehicles participated in the fire fighting operation, and a lot of aircrafts from neighboring cities arrived to assist Elassona in extinguishing the fire. The flames approached menacingly a boot camp full of ammunition, which is just half a kilometer from the city. Because of this, the mayor ordered everyone to evacuate the city. Can you imagine thousands of people leaving their city at the same time? It was like a Hollywood disaster movie. Firefighters worked really hard to bring the fire under control and to prevent it from spreading to neighboring properties, since the winds blowing in the area were quite strong. In the evening, the fire was fully under control and we all returned to our homes with a feeling of relief knowing that no one was injured and no houses were burned. Later on, we were informed that a car accident happened during the evacuation. What caused the fire is not yet known.

Have you ever written music under the influence of any substances?

No, I haven't. I don't need substances to write music. And my music gives me more joy than any substance can ever give me.

Are you a sports fan at all? What is your opinion on sports and the insane fandom that goes with them?

I love football and basketball. And the Olympic Games, which are definitely one of the most beautiful things that happen on our planet. Sports themselves are good and magnificent. What I don't like is the money surrounding sports, and the way people ignore other important areas of their lives.

If you were running an ice cream van, what would it play?

Sweet Joy. This is the sixth track of my third studio album.

What's the last album you bought?

Who buys albums these days?

Is anyone else in your family a musician?

No. I am the only one.

Do you teach electronic music?

Yes, I do. I love sharing what I know with others. I also love exploring music with others. Finally, I love the feeling of making a difference in someone else's life.

There's a lot of doom and gloom about the music industry today. Is there a bright spot?

Yes, there is. The fact that musicians can directly promote themselves without the need of a middleman or gatekeeper.

What are a few key survival tips for musicians?

Make your official website the center of your online universe, and maintain at least one mailing list.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would give some of my money to my parents, brothers and close friends. I would also give away some of my money to charity. People say money can't buy happiness, but spending money on others makes me happy. And of course, I would buy a new music workstation. Any leftover funds would be put into a savings account until I determine a long-term investment plan.

Should I follow my dreams no matter what people say?

Follow your dreams and don't let go no matter who or what comes your way to discourage you.

What should I avoid in my life?

Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits.

How can I achieve happiness?

Apart from listening to my music, you can do a few more things to achieve happiness. Surround yourself with happy people. Spend a few minutes each day thinking about the things that make you happy. Take some time each day to do something nice for yourself. When something goes wrong, try to figure out a solution, instead of wallowing in self pity. Pursue your goals with passion. Maintain your health.

What have you discovered today that you would like to share?

I just read that when we look into the night sky, we are actually looking back in time. It takes a defined amount of time (light years) for the light of stars in space to reach our eyes. So, the light we are looking at in tonight's sky started its journey to our eyes a very long time ago. In effect, we aren't seeing the stars as they currently are, but as they were at the time the light started its journey. The past is visible above us!

If you could inhabit someone else's body, like in The Host, who would you choose and why?

Would such a thing be ethical?

What draws people to your music?

My music compositions are written and performed with a lot of passion and positive energy. Most people are not indifferent when listening to something with a lot of heart and soul. I also try to include variety in my albums.

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

I have a set schedule for when I am going to do what and for how long I am going to do it. That way, I am able to get all of my obligations completed in full.

You have a huge fan following of all ages and backgrounds. How do you maintain and continue to grow your fan base?

I do my best to keep my albums very creative and exciting, and I put a lot of energy into my live performances. I never give up, and I always try to find new ways to promote my music within my network and beyond. Because the very moment you stop doing what got you to the top, is the moment you begin to slide down.

Would you be interested in composing video game music?

Absolutely! Video game music is all about feel. It is the key to immersing players even further.

What does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day is every day. Composing, performing and listening to music, being with my family and friends, feeling the sun on my face is a perfect day for me.

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Questions and Answers #5

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #5

Greece, European Union
Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How did you discover electronic music? What was your first exposure?

I think my first exposure to electronic music was a compilation album produced in 1995. It contained tracks by Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis Papathanasiou, and other talented electronic composers. I immediately fell in love with the electronic melodies, chords, and beats.

Do you believe that the world will end in December 2012?

Many websites claim that the world will end in December 2012. However, the world will not end in December 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than four billion years now. The story started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth. Actually, this catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the date was moved forward to December 2012, and linked to the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012. But, as your calendar does not cease to exist after 31 December, the Mayan calendar does not cease to exist on 21 December 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan long-count period, but then -just as your calendar begins again on 1 January- a new long-count period begins for the Mayan calendar.

Is it snowing in your city now?

No, it isn't. It rarely snows in my city.

What's the best place for music marketing?

In my opinion, MySpace is the best place for music marketing. If an artist wants to promote his music to a worldwide audience at no financial cost, MySpace is the place to go. MySpace encourages all artists to join their network, and actively market themselves. They want to give artists exposure, and help them build their fan base. Because of this, creating a presence on MySpace is something every artist should consider. There are millions of listeners there just waiting to be introduced to you and your music. And MySpace can provide you with all the tools you need to reach out to them quickly and easily; tools that cannot be found on any other social network.

Do you have a strategy?

Yes, I do. A strategy is critical to success.

What is the best advice you have been given about showbiz?

The line to the place you want to get to is never straight. It strays among the different avenues. Imagine an eight-lane highway eventually going to the same tunnel. Eventually, you get to that place you want to get to, but getting there requires a lot of lane changes.

What are some qualities you value most in a friendship?

Trust, respect and honesty. A friendship without trust is like having a phone with no service. And what do you do with a phone with no service? You just play games. I also value respect. Without respect, friends can't have a good time if one member of the group feels disrespected or unworthy of something. Finally, I value honesty, because you can't have true friends that are not truthful to you. At times, the truth can hurt, but in the end it's all for the best. Real friends trust, respect, and are honest with each other.

What's your favorite thing to do with your friends?

Laugh, and go on adventures.

Would you like to share with us a short inspirational story?

An old man was talking to a young boy and said, "I feel like there are two wolves fighting in my heart. One is kind, and loving, and caring. The other is mean, and cruel, and angry." The boy asked, "But, grandfather, which wolf will win the fight?" The grandfather just smiled and said, "The one that I feed."

Have you ever made a mistake?

We are all humans, and humans make mistakes. Mistakes are learning tools. If you don't fall many times while learning to walk, you will never learn. We make mistakes, so that we know what is the right thing to do. People are given chances in life, so that they learn and grow into mature individuals. No one in this world was born mature; he grew up making mistakes and learning from them. Our mistakes are actually building blocks on the road to perfection.

Do you think more about the past, present or future?

I think equally about the past and the future, because without understanding the past, the future stands a good chance of holding the same mistakes.

What's your advice for someone who's going through a hard time?

Have faith that things are going to get better, and be thankful for the little things.

Have you ever given money to a homeless person?

Yes, I have.

What's one of your favorite inspirational quotations?

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

Has there ever been a rumor spread about you?

You bet.

Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing?

It wouldn't be a secret any more if I told you, would it?

What makes you happy?

My music, my family and my friends.

Have you ever thought of something funny, and started laughing out loud in the presence of others?

Yes, I have.

What was your favorite game as a kid?

Hide and seek.

What is your favorite party game?

I love classic board games, such as Monopoly.

What is your favorite sport to watch?


Are you more of a talker or a listener?

It depends on the situation, setting and company.

What is usually your first thought when you wake up?

The time.

Do you ever talk to yourself?

Yes, I do. However, I only talk to myself at home, not in public.

Have you ever ridden a horse?

Yes, and I would like to do it again. I love horses, they are very beautiful creatures.

Have you ever caught a fish?

No, I haven't. But I'd love to do that some day.

Name some of your favorite fruits.

Apple, cherry, grape, strawberry and watermelon!

What's your favorite flower?


How often do you have a romantic weekend?

Romance isn't just for the weekends.

What are you told about your eyes?

That they are beautiful, but that's probably because they are big.

What languages do you speak?

Greek and English.

If you have an iPod, what color is it?

I do not have an iPod.

Do you recycle?

Yes, I do.

Would you rather love one person or have many short relationships?

I would rather love one person.

Do you go more by looks or personality?

I could never date someone who is beautiful outside, but ugly inside.

What is the carpet color in your bedroom?

Yellowish gold.

What do you need right now?

I need a warm hug.

What can fans expect from your fifth album?

They can expect nothing less than amazing music. I am sure they will enjoy it as much as I do.

Is there a tour planned to help promote the new album?

Yes, I will tour in Greece.

Looking back at when you first started, did you ever think that you would become so popular?

I think I just did what I liked, and everything has just been an organic process.

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Questions and Answers #4

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #4

Greece, European Union
Friday, 11 November 2011

How does it feel knowing that your music has changed many people's lives, including mine?

I feel thankful for the gift of music.

How long did it take you to build up this many fans?

I began promoting my music on the internet four years ago.

What advice would you give to someone getting started using social media to promote his / her music?

One of the most common mistakes first-timers make is trying too much at once. Start with one social networking site you feel most comfortable with, and then expand slowly. And work hard. It takes years of hard work to get somewhere.

Love or money?

Love. Where there is love, nothing is missing.

Are you right-handed or left-handed?

I am right-handed.

What was your favorite subject in high school?

The arts (music, painting, theater).

What do you think about sweat?

It naturally cools the body down.

Do you shower daily?

Yes, I shower at least once a day. If I don't, I feel gross.

What's the best track you have ever created?

All my tracks are special to me in their own way.

What was your worst ever show and what made it so bad?

I always forget negative things really fast.

Do you swear?

No, I don't.

Have you ever been drunk?


Have you ever been psychologically or physically dependent upon any drug or alcohol?

No, I haven't.

What is your favorite European music festival?

A Swedish music festival called Melodifestivalen. I would also like to participate in it.

How would your friends describe you?

Happy, mysterious, and a little hard to get to know.

Do you play rugby?

No, but I used to play rugby when I was younger.

Describe your perfect pizza.

My perfect pizza would have tomato sauce, lots of cheese and Greek olives. Very yummy!

Hot tea or ice tea?

Hot tea.

Do you like coffee or cocoa milk?

Cocoa milk.

Strawberry or watermelon?

Can I have them both?

What is your best physical feature?

My smile is my best physical feature.

Do you ever smile for no reason?

I smile all the time.

Do you own a dog?

No, I don't.

Do you like thunderstorms?

Yes, I do. They are an awesome way to see the power of nature.

Summer or winter?

Spring. It's my favorite season.

How easily do you trust people?

I have to get to know someone very well before I can trust them.

Do you hate anyone?

I don't believe in hate. You can feel burdened for life if you vow to hate and never take it back.

What color is your laundry basket?


Do you have a cell phone?

Yes, but I cannot give you my number publicly.

How many rings until you answer the phone?

Four, maybe five.

What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?

I like vanilla.

How are you feeling right now?

Great. How about you?

Are you single or taken?


Have you ever loved someone so much that it made you cry?

Yes, I have.

Which country did you last visit?


Name three of your favorite vegetables.

Cabbage, lettuce and potato!

Do you have any birthmarks?

I have one on the back of my right leg.

What do you find most satisfying when creating music?

Creating music is so fulfilling. It makes me feel free, proud and grateful.

What is wrong with the world?

There is too much fear and not enough love.

Do you believe that world peace is possible?

All things are possible, if we believe.

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Questions and Answers #3

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #3

Greece, European Union
Sunday, 10 October 2010

Why do you make music? What is your primary goal?

I make music because music drives me more than food, sleep, and sex. I make music because it was one of my earliest comforts. I make music because I like to spread happiness to people of all ages and cultures. I make music because music is my breath. I make music because I am a musician. Music lifts the spirit up. My goal is to lift people's spirit up. But also just to enjoy the music, and have fellowship and a good time!

Where did the tree of knowledge of good and evil go to?

The tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life, are not to be taken literally. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever." The tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life, didn't grow out of the ground. Those symbolic trees represented a beautiful law. The tree of life was lifted by God. On the other hand, the tree of knowledge of good and evil was left here on Earth, and every human being is born with it in its mind.

What inspired you to write your third album, The Tree Of Life?

The Holy Bible. In particular, Genesis 3:22-24, Revelation 2:7, 22:1-2, 22:14, 22:19.

When you admire the starry sky at night, what are the stars telling you? Perhaps the biggest star on Earth is still alive?

What I see in the sky are beautiful stars of all sizes!

What is the most valuable lesson that you learned from your parents growing up that you still apply today?

Wash your hands before dinner!

When is your birthday?

My birthday is on 16 March.

Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?

My mother!

Is there anyone you couldn't live without?

Definitely a select few.

Does it bother you when someone lies to you?

Doesn't it bother everyone?

Have you got any tattoos?

No, I haven't.

Could you picture yourself getting married and having kids?

Not at the moment.

Would you take $30,000 or a brand new car?

Definitely the money.

What is the last thing that you ate or drank?

Chocolate milk.

Could you go a day without eating?

Yes! I've done this before.

Have you ever been in love?

Once upon a time.

What is your favorite season?


Do you sing?

Everyone can sing, but not everyone can become a professional singer.

What is your favorite day of the week?


Do you wear socks to sleep?

No, I don't.

At the moment, are you more warm or cold?

Very warm.

What exactly are you wearing right now?

I'm wearing a T-shirt, jeans, a belt, a pair of ankle socks, and sneaker shoes.

If you could share the stage with any Christian artist in the world, who would it be?

Xenophon Ioannidis. He is a talented singer / songwriter from Cyprus. His voice is truly unique.

Are you planning any praise & worship release with English or Greek lyrics?

I'd love to release a praise & worship album. If I find the right lyricists and singers, I will definitely make a praise & worship album. And I am sure you will love it!

What is your opinion about MySpace?

MySpace is a social network that was designed to help independent artists get heard. The traffic I receive from MySpace to my official website,, is tremendous. My official website is the #1 most visited artist website in Greece, and one of the most popular artist websites worldwide. Artist-friendly social networks like MySpace are one of the reasons for this success.

Do you care what others think about you?

Not really. I only care what the people that I love think about me.

Do you know anybody whose last name is a color?

Yes! My gym professor's name at Senior High School was Mr. Kokkinos. Kokkinos means Red.

Tea or coffee?

Tea for me, please.

Everything happens for a reason, right?

Right. Things fall out of place, so that better things can fall into place.

Would you prefer to die young surrounded by loved ones or die old and alone?

Actually, I am going to live forever; and I won't be alone!

What is the last film that you watched at the cinema?

Inception by Christopher Nolan.

What's your favorite animated movie of all time?

There are quite a few animated movies that have touched my heart. One of them is definitely Peter Pan.

What is the last CD that you listened to?

The Tree Of Life!

If you won a Grammy, who would you thank?

I would thank my great parents, my lovely brothers, and my loyal friends and fans!

What's the longest you've ever talked on the phone?

Approximately three hours.

Do you want a hug right now?


Describe Senior High School in one sentence.

Senior High School was definitely one of the best periods of my life.

When was your last visit to Thessaloniki, the city that you were born?

I visited Thessaloniki a few months ago.

Which song reminds you of your childhood?

Ta Mathitika Ta Hronia; a song written by Nikos Karvelas and performed by Anna Vissi.

Name the last person that made you laugh today.

My little brother, Peter.

Would you like to send a message to the electronica fans that are reading this?

I would like to tell them that I am very grateful for all their continuous love and support, and that I will try to always deliver the highest quality of electronic music to them.

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Questions and Answers #2

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #2

Greece, European Union
Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Tell us a little about the place where you were born. Where in Greece is it located?

I was born in Thessaloniki, aka Thessalonica or Salonica. The city is Greece's second major economic, political, commercial, and industrial center. It is also a major transportation hub for the rest of southeastern Europe. The city was founded around 315 B.C. by the King Cassander of Macedon. He named it after his wife Thessalonike, a half-sister of Alexander the Great. The White Tower of Thessaloniki is widely regarded as the symbol of the city. The city's industries center around oil, flour, steel, cement, petrochemicals, liquor, machinery, pharmaceuticals, and textile. Thessaloniki lies on the northern fringe of the Thermaic Gulf.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Where I have my loved ones and I feel I have something meaningful to do.

When did you write your first music composition and what's the title of it?

I wrote my first music composition when I was about twelve years old. Its title was Message From Heaven.

How important do you feel that competition successes are for your musical career?

Contest semi-finalists, finalists and winners are often featured on national and international radio, television and press. Sometimes, they are offered management and publishing deals as well. Music contests are ideal for composers, lyricists and singers that want to break into the music business. It is a great way for us artists to obtain a reliable and valued response to our music from professional judging panels.

Would you participate in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Many people from all over Europe have been asking me this question lately and I'm really happy for that, because it is one of my dreams to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. It would be great pleasure and honor for me to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Would you like to write music for a movie or a documentary?

Yes. I'd like to write music for a movie or a documentary. I have always been interested in doing that, so if you know a director or a movie producer, send me an e-mail.

What do you feel makes your music unique at or above the rest?

I don't really think it is above anyone. I just pure my heart into it, and hope someone likes it. Actually, I'm the only one that has to like it.

Where did you get your inspiration for your second album, New Earth?

I was inspired by heaven.

What is your favorite city to perform in?

It doesn't matter in which city I am. Every city has its own charm and beauty, and every performance is unique. It's not the city, but the type of the venue and the audience that makes a performance memorable.

How often do you perform?

About two to three times a week for the last ten years.

How often do you practice and how long?

Two or three times a week, depending on whether I have a live performance that week or not. A typical practice normally lasts for about two hours.

Can you read music? If yes, do you write your compositions using musical notation?

I can read piano notes, but I don't use paper and pen. I write my compositions to keyboard sounds and record them.

What are your views on the present state of major and independent music?

Well, most of the indie labels are owned by major labels, so it all ends up at the same place. But the industry is really going through some major changes, and it's going to be very interesting to see what the landscape will look like in a few years from now. With the internet and all that it is easier to get your music out there, but it also makes it easier for people not to pay you for it.

Share some experience, good or bad, being independent or unsigned.

It's good to have creative freedom, because one thing that many record labels do is to "mold" the artist into what they believe the artist should be. It's also nice being able to keep more of your profits. The downside, though, is that the distribution of your album is limited, and there are more obstacles to getting into a major venue and commercial radio. But on the flip side, being signed to a record label doesn't necessarily ensure that your material is even going to reach public ears. As an independent, the artist has almost complete control of his career. I'm not advising to not seek a record label nor am I saying that I will never do so. But I am saying choose wisely and do your homework. You don't want to sign a deal where you will end up losing the rights to your material or worse. I think at this point in time, I'd prefer a distribution deal more than anything else.

Do you download music without paying for it?

Never. Every artist must get paid for his work. I like supporting artists and bands that write good music. I respect their hard work. Plus it makes them money, so they can produce better albums with better equipment in the future.

Do you prefer a CD or a digital download, and why?

I always go out and buy the physical CD. I just love the whole experience. Waiting for the CD to come out, going out to buy it, take it home, stick it on the hi-fi, read the booklet, listen to it, and discuss what I thought of it with my friends. I really think downloads are killing the whole experience. However, digital download is the future. The CD format will disappear soon.

Is there any person to whom you would like to pay particular tribute for their inspirational effect on your musical career and life?

Yes. James Horner, John Williams, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, Max Martin, Yanni, Vangelis, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jean-Michel Jarre, and many more.

Name something non-musical (e.g. book, person, building) that has inspired or influenced you.

The Holy Bible.

What do you do for when you're not busy making beautiful music?

I love painting, walking in the streets, surfing the internet, meeting my friends, etc.

Name some people in your life that have helped inspire you to be the person we all see.

My wonderful parents, my beautiful brothers and my loyal friends.

Are your parents still together?

Yes, they are. My parents have been married for 32 years!

Is there anyone you would do anything for and who?

My family and my friends.

When was the last time you talked to one of your best friends?


Do you like being single?


Do you have any pets?

No, but I had a dog when I was a child.

Do you believe in true love?

Yes, I do.

Would you ever camp out on a beach, under the stars?

Yes, that sounds beautiful.

What is life to you?

Life is a gift. This gift calls us to appreciate the inestimable value of what we have been given and to take responsibility for it.

What do you think about abortions?

Human life must be respected and protected from the moment of conception. From the very first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person -among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.

Were you happy when you woke up today?

Yes, very happy.

What is your current mood?


What's your favorite drink?

Orange juice.

Do you smoke?

No, I don't.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

I am quite comfortable with the person I have learned to deal with all of my life. So I'll stick to being myself. Thank you!

What's your favorite means of transportation?

Train. Traveling by train is both magical and enjoyable.

What are your more immediate career objectives, and where do you want your career to go from here?

I wish to bring more harmony to fellow artists. As for my career, I wish to continue making people happy through my music.

What can we expect to hear from you and when can we expect it?

Hopefully more albums in the near future.

If there was one message you wanted to convey to humankind through your music, what would that message be?

Let us love and accept one another just as we are.

What advice or words can you leave for up-and-coming artists?

Just don't give up, and remember why you do what you do. The music is supposed to be for you and not about getting loaded with cash.

Would you like to give a message to your fans?

Keep supporting beautiful electronic music.

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Questions and Answers #1

Questions and Answers with Sakis Gouzonis #1

Greece, European Union
Friday, 8 August 2008

You are one of the most successful Greek internet artists with many thousands of friends and fans around the world. How important is the internet for today's bands and solo artists?

Internet technology allows solo artists and bands to introduce their music to an enormous audience without necessarily affiliating with a major recording label. Nowadays, the design of digital music software encourages the discovery of new music. The social networking sites, such as MySpace, can help you succeed. These sites give you the opportunity to get exposed to millions of people around the world. This way, you can meet new and exciting people from all over the world, become friends, and communicate. If your music appeals to thousands of people, you can build a very strong fan base too. You can also create your own website to promote your music. You never know who might be on your website listening to your music!

Can you describe us how you felt when learned that you had won 3rd Prize and 1st Commendation in the Composition Competition 2007?

I was so excited, extremely happy and very pleased with my achievement. The two awards I won in the Composition Competition 2007 gave me courage and motivation, and they are very important to me. I will continue working hard, and I will always remember that day.

For people out there that have never heard of you, give us two reasons why they should.

Because my music will let you escape to some place in your mind that you have never visited before. Because my music will leave you feeling stronger and happier.

Where do your songs come from? What's your inspiration?


Would you like to tell us more about First Contact? What's the concept of this album? How did you come up with the title First Contact?

First Contact is my first studio album. My first contact as a composer with you. It is an instrumental electronic album and it includes ten original music compositions. I worked very hard, so that all the tracks of the album be as powerful and full of energy as possible. The concept of the album is to create awesome music.

Have you ever considered adding lyrics to your music?

Find a good lyricist and a great singer, and bring them to me immediately!

The CD cover is very inspirational. What's the concept behind it?

It is an expression of Heaven and its reflection on Earth, the divine and its reflection in creation. The stairway symbolizes the connection between Heaven and Earth, between spirit and matter.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

My family, mother, father, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins -it's an unconditional love.

What three things could you not live without?

My music workstation, my portable MP3 / CD player and my PC.

What's your favorite color?


What's your favorite spot?

The harbor of Thessaloniki.

Of all the people you have met as an artist, who made you go "I can't believe I'm talking to …?"

Efi Sakellariou. Efi is a Greek singer whose voice is divine to say the least. In 1998, I was attending a two-day music seminar in Athens, and she generously offered to accommodate me. I hope one day to work together with Efi on a project!

We know that for the moment you're still a bachelor. What's in your refrigerator right now?

Natural mineral water, orange juice, cocoa milk, chocolate, marmalade, fresh fruits and vegetables, feta cheese, butter, frozen fries and ketchup.

What's your favorite food?

Grilled steak with potatoes.

Tell us one thing you don't like to do.

To give up.

What is the trait you most deplore in others?

Bad behavior in a social situation.

Is it better to give or to receive?

To give. If you give, you will receive.

What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you and did you take notice?

"Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true." Words to live by!

To whom would you most like to say sorry and why?

My wonderful grandmothers, because I didn't spend enough time with them when they were alive.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Nothing. I am not perfect, but I am thankful for who I am and what I've got.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

I have never met my grandfathers. If I could go back in time, I would definitely love to meet them.

If your life flashed before your eyes, what would the highlights be?

Running in the park with my friends, riding my bicycle for hours, playing and writing music, falling in love, walking many miles listening to music.

What is the closest you've come to death?

A car accident when I was eight years old, and another one when I was nine.

What kind of vehicle do you drive?

I don't drive.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you so far?

To truly live is to follow your heart, to realize that you can achieve your dreams and be who you were meant to be.

When were you happiest?

When my parents bought me my first keyboard! You can't imagine how happy I was that day!

What do you owe your parents?


Who do you most admire and why?

My parents. They are generous to all, and taught me strong values and life lessons.

Where would you most like to be right now?

Playing music.

How many hours do you work in a day?

Ten to twelve hours.

What would your super power be?

To heal incurable diseases.

What keeps you awake at night?

Worrying or thinking about a music piece I'm working on.

What is your greatest fear?

Losing someone I love.

Name three of your favorite movies.

The Ten Commandments, Titanic, and the Matrix trilogy.

If push comes to shove, what is your all-time favorite album?

Praise 11 by Maranatha Singers.

How much artist control do you possess over your music? Are you interested in how the album looks and how you're marketed?

Having complete artistic control is really important to me, of course. As far as marketing goes I just try to be honest and present myself and my music in a way that is true to its intentions. I just want people to hear it and be moved. My music is atmospheric, so I try to market it in a way that reflects this.

How do you get ready for a performance?

About three hours before a live performance I check my instruments to make sure that if something goes wrong, it's not something I could have fixed beforehand. Just before entering the stage I don't speak to anyone and I pray.

What does music mean to you?

Everything. It means absolutely everything. Music can cheer me up, but it can also make me feel sad. It can make me hyperactive or chill me out. Music can also help me out when I feel completely alone.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Meryl Streep, Jim Carrey, Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Agnetha Faltskog, Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias, Madonna, James Cameron,… my friends and my family. It would definitely be a very big dinner party.

I know you are good at telling jokes. Tell us one.

An Australian decided to write a book about famous churches around the world. So he bought a plane ticket, and took a trip to England thinking that he would start by working his way across Europe.
On his first day, he was inside a church taking photographs when he noticed a golden telephone mounted on the wall with a sign that read "€10,000 per call." The Australian, being intrigued, asked a priest that was strolling by what the telephone was used for. The priest replied that it was a direct line to heaven, and that for €10,000 you could talk to God. The Australian thanked the priest, and went along his way.
Next stop was in France. There, at a very large cathedral, he saw the same golden telephone with the same sign under it. He wondered if this was the same kind of telephone he saw in England, and he asked a nearby nun what its purpose was. She told him that it was a direct line to heaven and that for €10,000 he could talk to God. "OK, thank you," said the Australian.
He then traveled to Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Czech Republic. In every church he saw the same golden telephone with the same "€10,000 per call" sign under it.
The Australian, upon leaving the Netherlands, decided to travel to Greece to see if the Greeks had the same telephone. He arrived in Greece, and again, in the first church he entered, there was the same golden telephone, but this time the sign under it read, "40 cents per call." The Australian was surprised, so he asked the priest about the sign. "Father, I've traveled all over Europe, and I've seen this same golden telephone in many churches. I'm told that it is a direct line to heaven, but in all of Europe the price was €10,000 per call. Why is it so cheap here?" The priest smiled and answered, "You're in Greece now, my son; it's a local call."

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