Sakis Gouzonis is now a Top Pick Artist on XPOrAdio

Greek electronic music composer Sakis Gouzonis is now a Top Pick Artist on XPOrAdio.

In a recent message to Sakis Gouzonis, Rick Tobey said, "Your music is great, and based on the quality of your songwriting, performance and recording, you have been selected as an XPOrAdio Top Pick Artist! We have placed your music on the XPO-TOP-PICKS Station."

XPOrAdio is an e-radio station based in Hammond, Louisiana, USA. It is the Songwriter Showcase for all aspiring as well as professional songwriters. Developed by a songwriter exclusively for songwriters to showcase and promote their music, and for all the wonderful listeners throughout the world who appreciate and respect the talent, inspiration, creativity, and perhaps even the courage it takes to express oneself through writing songs.

A big thank you goes out to Rick Tobey, founder of XPOrAdio, for helping Sakis Gouzonis reach more listeners.

View a screenshot.

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