Sakis Gouzonis gave an interview to UK Top 40 Charts

Greek electronic music composer Sakis Gouzonis gave an interview to UK Top 40 Charts.

UK Top 40 Charts is an e-magazine based in the UK. It is a new e-magazine dedicated to electronic, experimental, alternative and indie music. Their aim is to discover, promote and support unsigned music artists, who demonstrate superb talent and groundbreaking artistry.

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Interview with Sakis Gouzonis

Interview by Peter Nochik
Editor of UK Top 40 Charts
United Kingdom
Sunday, 20 October 2013

Do you like / write weird music?

The term "weird music" is generic. It's like asking me if I like / write beautiful music. Something that is beautiful to me isn't always beautiful to others, and something that is weird to me isn't always weird to others.

When and where did your experience in music start?

In 1990, my parents bought me an electronic keyboard. I was so happy that I started playing and composing music immediately. I can still remember myself sitting at my parents' home in Elassona, Greece, spending countless hours every day playing and composing music. Many years later, on 8 August 2008, I released my 1st studio album entitled First Contact, which received a lot of radio airplay and press coverage from media outlets around the world.

What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the rest of the year?

As you already know, I have just released my 6th studio album entitled Spiritual Unity, which can be downloaded from my official website, I am currently working on planning my tour for this autumn. So, remember to visit my official website for all the latest news.

What do you consider your greatest inspirational sources in music?

The grandeur, the beauty, the diversity and the mysteries of the universe are my greatest inspirational sources in music. Magnificent in the starry sky, in the waves of the sea, in the colors of the flowers and the singing of the birds, the universe inspires me a lot, creating in my heart feelings of love, peace, harmony, joy and respect.

Please describe your personal studio for us.

It is a secret alien place located at the foot of Mount Olympus. Nobody is allowed to enter the studio, unless they are accompanied by me or they are sent by the Elohim.

What are your favorite readings?

I read science fiction a lot. One of my all-time favorite readings is "Jurassic Park" by Michael Crichton.

Are you religious?

We are all born worshipers, and we will worship something or someone no matter what. The question is, do we need to worship something or someone that we have never seen or met before?

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

If I was another person, then it wouldn't be me answering this question.

What is your best physical attribute?

My smile.

Do you have a secret talent, and what is it?

If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret talent any more.

Three things you cannot live without?

My music workstation, my portable MP3 player and my PC.

What is one unique thing you are afraid of?

Right now, I am afraid of what you might ask next.

If you were a worm, how long would you be?

I would be the same size as Wacky Jacky.

Who is Wacky Jacky?

A worm in my garden. It's really huge.

Anything else?

Yes. I would like to invite your readers to my official website,, where they can listen to and download beautiful electronic and cinematic music.

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