RnM article about Sakis’ upcoming 10th studio album

An article about Sakis' upcoming 10th studio album has been published on RnM (Radio and Music).

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Sakis Gouzonis to release new instrumental album in April 2017

RnM (Radio and Music)
Monday, 16 January 2017

Sakis has announced that he is releasing a new instrumental album in April 2017.

Soon after the release of his debut album, First Contact, Sakis established himself as one of the best Greek electronic music composers and orchestrators, astonishing critics and audience alike with the beauty, depth and maturity of his music. Since then, Sakis has released eight more albums; New Earth (2009), The Tree Of Life (2010), Ultimate Love (2011), Vast Victory (2012), Spiritual Unity (2013), Golden Heart (2014), A World At Peace (2015) and Liberating Truth (2016).

Buddy Nelson from Jamsphere in his review said that "Liberating Truth is unquestionably Sakis Gouzonis' finest set of instrumental compositions. The music is more in-keeping with Sakis' refined and positive side, and is possessed by an expansive, grandiose quality. He reaches towards shimmering and rapturous heights with his keyboard tones, while the rhythms gallop along with enchanting splendor."

Sakis' tenth instrumental electronic album will be available on Sakis' website, https://www.sakisgouzonis.com, on 17 April 2017.

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