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An article about Sakis Gouzonis' 8th studio album, A World At Peace, has been published on Music Talkers.

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Greek electronic composer Sakis Gouzonis releases 8th instrumental album

Music Talkers
United Kingdom
Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Greek electronic composer Sakis Gouzonis is back with his 8th instrumental album titled A World At Peace, which has been achieving significant penetration across the globe via the internet.

It is more than obvious that there is already a fast-growing fan base out there totally in love with this composer nowadays. Whether you are a new or an old electronic music fan, you will most probably love Sakis Gouzonis. As a newcomer, building familiarity within this style, one walks away feeling like they listened to something a little truer than accustomed.

There are ten electronic instrumental tracks on the new album that display the artistic genius of a composer that has always had a spark of creativity fizzing distinctly to his very surface. From the powerful single In Unity There Is True Strength to the epic track Glory, Sakis Gouzonis shows us what real music sounds like.

Visit today the official website of Sakis Gouzonis at to stream and download the new electronic instrumental album for free.

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