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Precious Time by Sakis Gouzonis

Mi2N (Music Industry News Network)
United States of America
Thursday, 19 September 2019

Sakis Gouzonis, one of the most famous Greek electronic music composers, has just released his 12th studio album, Precious Time.

Precious Time contains ten original music tracks for a total listening time of 32 minutes. It has been published independently on his official website without the involvement of any record labels. The album can be characterized as uplifting, energetic and empowering. The music compositions are a mixture of electronic, cinematic, epic and even pop music. The orchestrations are both powerful and joyful.

Precious Time by Sakis Gouzonis is available via https://www.sakisgouzonis.com worldwide.

Track List:

Always Bold And Strong
Peace And Love
Side By Side
Long Road
My Guiding Light
The Thrilling Power Of Now
I Will See You Again
Every Starry Night
On My Way

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