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Sakis Gouzonis releases seventh studio album

Mi2N (Music Industry News Network)
United States of America
Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Eleven months after the release of Spiritual Unity, the outstanding Greek electronic composer comes back with his seventh studio album, Golden Heart.

Golden Heart features inspiring electronic music of real depth and beauty that takes listeners on a journey to their innermost self through beautiful soundscapes created by Sakis Gouzonis. Great themes and very interesting musical ideas accompany listeners throughout their journey. Golden Heart is full of wonderful harmonies, dynamic melodies and superb orchestrations. This is an album of pure and absolute class from start to finish.

Album Highlights: The Power Of Your Love, On A Happy Sunday, Beautiful, To The One That I Love and You Are My Strength.

Sakis Gouzonis began his solo career in 2008, and his debut album titled First Contact became an electronic classic very soon. Listeners were taken with his lush instrumentations, his powerful melodies and his stunning chord changes. Today, Sakis Gouzonis is the most successful independent artist in Greece. Up to now, he has released seven full-length albums, has won multiple international awards for his music, and has gained more than 530,000 fans in 220 countries / territories.

Golden Heart is available worldwide as a free download at https://www.sakisgouzonis.com.

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