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Electronic composer Sakis Gouzonis releases 10th instrumental album

Mi2N (Music Industry News Network)
United States of America
Monday, 17 April 2017

The mastermind of instrumental electronic music known as Sakis Gouzonis has released his new full-length album, Amazing Space. The new album, which is inspired by space exploration, contains 10 original tracks straight from Greece's electronic music scene.

Sakis Gouzonis, also known as Sakis, is a prolific independent music composer, orchestrator, producer and performer, and for some people he is the definition of quality instrumental electronic music. To this day, Sakis has released 10 instrumental electronic albums, has won a total of 10 international music awards and distinctions, and has gained more than 740,000 fans in 220 countries and territories.

Overall, Sakis Gouzonis is amazing with a huge amount of potential. It is more than obvious that in time we will hear more from Sakis Gouzonis via movies, film and TV productions. It will come as no surprise to anyone if his music gets featured one day on a place like the Discovery Channel.

Amazing Space by Sakis Gouzonis is available online worldwide via https://www.sakisgouzonis.com. Electronica fans should get in early on this one.

Track List:

Quest For Peace And Progress
Into The Stars
Mystic Power
Until The Sun Is Up Again
Zone Of Truth
X Is Waiting For Us
Hope In The Dark
Very Gently
Knight Of The Light
All Is One And One Is All

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