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Sakis Gouzonis releases 13th studio album, Desire For Light

Louder Than The Music
United Kingdom
Monday, 9 November 2020

Desire For Light is Sakis Gouzonis' 13th studio album. Released through his official website, the album contains a beautiful collection of ten electronic and cinematic music tracks.

Sakis composed, orchestrated and recorded Desire For Light at the foot of Mount Olympus. It's an album about people's struggle against darkness and their desire for light. "By filling ourselves with light and by radiating light into the world, we become light bearers and capable of scattering the darkness that covers the world," Sakis said when asked about the theme of his 13th album.

Thessaloniki born and raised, but now living in Elassona, Sakis has earned a global following for blending electronic with classical orchestrations. Throughout his musical career, Sakis Gouzonis has also been awarded numerous national and international awards. Today, Sakis is one of the most productive Greek electronic music composers.

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