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Sakis Gouzonis releases new album of electronic music

United States of America
Monday, 17 April 2017

Electronic music composer Sakis Gouzonis has released his new solo album, Amazing Space. His new album consists of ten instrumental electronic compositions inspired by the universe. The compositions are very melodic and emotive, with multi-layered instrumental textures and solidly coherent arrangements.

Since his childhood, Sakis has been composing music and researching on new sounds through synthesizers. In 2008, he began his solo project composing electronic music. His first official solo album was First Contact, which showcases his skills with electronic keyboard instruments. In 2009, Sakis released his second solo album, New Earth, which was awarded by the chairman of the International Art Society in Greece. Between 2010 and 2016, Sakis released seven more solo albums; The Tree Of Life (2010), Ultimate Love (2011), ast Victory (2012), Spiritual Unity (2013), Golden Heart (2014), A World At Peace (2015) and Liberating Truth (2016).

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