Indie Spoonful reviewed Liberating Truth

Indie Spoonful reviewed Sakis Gouzonis' 9th studio album, Liberating Truth.

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A big thank you goes out to Bryon Harris, editor-in-chief of Indie Spoonful, for helping Sakis Gouzonis reach more listeners.

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Sakis Gouzonis – Liberating Truth

Album Review by Bryon Harris
Editor-in-Chief of Indie Spoonful
United States of America
Thursday, 17 November 2016

Sakis Gouzonis is an award-winning, prolific Greek composer, producer and performer of electronic music. Sakis uses music to put listeners on a journey of emotions, creating a unique and moving musical experience with a message of peace, unity and hope. His cinematic, electronic music reaches across borders, speaking to all nations and cultures. Sakis' 9th and newest studio album, Liberating Truth, features 10 tracks of electronic, instrumental music; it is a great example of the power of Sakis' music.

The first song on the album is A Breath Of Life. This song starts off the album with an intense energy, featuring a multitude of classic synth sounds with nice cymbal crashes. In Sakis' work there are strong melodies that rise above the mix and give listeners memorable phrases, like the hook of a song, to hold onto. These melodies are presented in different variations and registers. Half-way through there is a synth chorus in a mid-range that adds to the mystery. Without a doubt, this song is bound to get stuck in your head with its mesmerizing sounds and melodies. A Breath Of Life is a great leeway into the next track on the album Deeper Places.

In Deeper Places, Sakis takes the energy down from A Breath Of Life with a softer introduction and more build-up. The song has an underlying drum beat that sounds like a heartbeat, a literal breath of life. Like a poet or painter, Sakis shows his acute understanding of painting emotions and themes with musical material. His melodic sensibilities, rich orchestral textures and cinematic soundscapes coupled with his ability to layer a plethora of different effects to create a mood is first-rate. The change of mood and material from A Breath Of Life to Deeper Places shows how Sakis wants to use his music to convey different emotions and take you on a truly unique musical journey.

So many of the pieces on this album are emotive and moving. To Be United is breathtaking with a gorgeous synth violin melody that feels both ancient and contemporary. A Land Of Peace And Happiness and Time To Celebrate are joyful additions to the album that will uplift your spirits with symphonic charm and dance-like rhythms. Until We See All People Free is a song for our times; a heartfelt symphonic voice of love and harmony for all nations.

One of my favorite pieces on the album is Ever Since The World Began. It has a gorgeous harp arpeggio section in the beginning, which is later joined by a string section in a minor key that melts your soul. This is truly a song that can bring tears to your eyes. It is beautiful and haunting. The last song on the album is Love One Another. The song commences with a cascade of falling notes that unite to support the melody.

Liberating Truth has a wide variety of thoughtful and tasteful instrumental electronic music that connects people to musical themes that are "liberating." Liberating Truth will inspire you. The songs on this album could easily land in TV and Film or just on your everyday playlist. Up and coming in Sakis' musical career is the release of his 10th studio album in the spring of 2017. The exact date will be announced in December. To find Liberating Truth or any of Sakis' other albums, please visit his website.

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