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An article about Sakis Gouzonis' 16th studio album, Inner Power, has been published on IMAAI (Independent Music And Arts Insider).

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Inner Power by Greek composer Sakis Gouzonis

IMAAI (Independent Music And Arts Insider)
United States of America
Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Greek electronic music composer Sakis Gouzonis released his 16th album, Inner Power.

His newest album consists of ten electronic and cinematic music tracks written and recorded by Sakis himself at the foot of Mount Olympus.

When asked about the theme of Inner Power, the Greek composer said, "Within all of us, there is an unlimited power that we can always count on. Our inner power always gives us what we need to overcome our fears and achieve our goals."

Tracks: Open Your Mind, It Is In You, The Only One, Be All That You Can Be, Light From Within, My Guiding Force, Born To Live Forever, On Top Of Every Mountain, Honestly, Spread Love

Inner Power is available here:

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