Drooble reviewed Precious Time

Drooble reviewed Sakis Gouzonis' 12th studio album, Precious Time.

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Precious Time with Sakis Gouzonis

Album Review by the Team Drooble
Music Critics for Drooble
Friday, 11 October 2019

People who follow our explorations of the Drooble community are surely well aware of the name Sakis Gouzonis. The Thessaloniki-born and currently based in Elassona Greek composer has already been presented here not once, but twice. And now, with the 12th album on his belt, we couldn't miss the chance to give another closer look at his music.

Available digitally via the official Gouzonis website, Precious Time is a conceptual album that tells its story in ten pieces which, despite their grandiose sound, manage to unfold within the pop format of 3-4 minutes length. Thematically, the album is dedicated to our perception, understanding and appreciation of time. Precious Time is a varying listen ranging from the purely epic Peace And Love to the melancholic and emotional I Will See You Again, and finally to the more uplifting and laid-back pieces like Always Bold And Strong or My Guiding Light.

Once again, Gouzonis is flawless, not only in transforming his ideas and emotions into actual music, but also in handling a top-level sound production. Precious Time is polished, neatly engineered, and this allows its powerful message to be really heard. The epic sound of Sakis Gouzonis lives once again and manages not only to convey the big concepts behind the music, but also to present them in a memorable way.

Precious Time is a recommended listen for fans of the old-school, classic-inspired electronic music. Did we mention it's available for free download just like all previous works of the composer? We're really looking forward to Gouzonis' 13th record; we're sure it will be also special.

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