Crossradar reviewed A World At Peace

Crossradar reviewed Sakis Gouzonis' 8th studio album, A World At Peace.

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A big thank you goes out to Chris Marsh, founder of Crossradar, for helping Sakis Gouzonis reach more listeners.

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Sakis Gouzonis – A World At Peace

Album Review by Chris Marsh
Founder of Crossradar
United Kingdom
Thursday, 18 June 2015

Soaring and hopeful, Sakis Gouzonis' 8th studio album, A World At Peace, is filled with bold moments

Opening with In Unity There Is True Strength, the album immediately presents itself as being a collection of easy listening tracks that create a cinematic feel. At times the synths feel jagged, carving out their melody with insistence, while they are partnered with a contrasting tone that is softer. Hope begins sounding like it could be about to move into a cover version of the theme from "Titanic," but is quickly rescued by becoming something altogether different, with a strong bass beat and an original melody that gives the listener something interesting to hold on to. There are moments of glacial clarity to be found as well – This Night Is Wonderful is a romantic and cinematic track, while Lovely Starry Night Skies plays out a pan pipe style melody over wide drums. While Sakis Gouzonis' style might not be the most modern (there are points where some of the tracks come close to sounding something like "The Final Countdown"), his attention to forming an interesting melody makes his music stand out within its genre. Certainly, if it's instrumental music with a bit of edge to it, then, A World At Peace just might be the kind of album you are after right now.

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