Cross Rhythms reviewed The Tree Of Life

Cross Rhythms reviewed Sakis Gouzonis' 3rd studio album, The Tree Of Life.

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A big thank you goes out to Andy Shaw, music reviewer for Cross Rhythms, for helping Sakis Gouzonis reach more listeners.

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Sakis Gouzonis – The Tree Of Life

Album Review by Andy Shaw
Music Reviewer for Cross Rhythms
United Kingdom
Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Greek electro whiz Gouzonis has released three albums over the last four years, winning multiple awards for his music. What makes this all the more impressive is that it has all been done independently with no labels / agencies involved in supporting him. Sakis' music is entirely instrumental, and this set is an atmospheric soundscape with extensive use of lush sweeping strings throughout the album and a dazzling variety of beats which lead the listener through the album. For me, the standout tracks are the simplest ones, where the range of sounds is kept to a minimum as on Seed Of Hope and Holy Cure. Mr Gouzonis has real talent for creating complex and interesting arrangements that can engage and inspire the listener.

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