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Greek composer Sakis Gouzonis releases 7th album, Golden Heart

Broadway World
United States of America
Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Greek composer has just released his 7th studio album titled Golden Heart. The new full-length album features 10 electronic and cinematic tracks that evoke a multitude of emotions. All tracks were produced by Sakis in his recording studio located at the foot of Mount Olympus.

Sakis began composing and arranging when he was quite young, releasing two compilations of hymn arrangements while still at school. His career took off when he entered the international Composition Competition 2007, winning third prize and a commendation award for two tracks from his debut album, First Contact.

Sakis' music is entirely instrumental, and Golden Heart is an atmospheric soundscape with extensive use of plentiful sweeping strings throughout the album and an amazing variety of beats, which lead the listener through the album. In particular, the new album consists of many anthemic tracks that lift the spirit, such as The Power Of Your Love with its superb melody; Higher And Further with its driving beat; On A Happy Sunday with its joyful chorus; Beautiful with its amazing intro, and Love In Action that could be the perfect song for the end of a romantic movie, leading into the credits.

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