Blazing Minds reviewed Ultimate Love

Blazing Minds reviewed Sakis Gouzonis' 4th studio album, Ultimate Love.

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A big thank you goes out to Daniel Miller, music reviewer for Blazing Minds, for helping Sakis Gouzonis reach more listeners.

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Sakis Gouzonis – Ultimate Love – Album Review

Album Review by Daniel Miller
Music Reviewer for Blazing Minds
United Kingdom
Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Greek Composer released his fourth album in November 2011. With the title Ultimate Love. So I'll have a listen and see if I ultimately love it. If you would like to hear the album yourself, it's free to download from his website.

Strong is a very melodic and well-produced song. The melody makes up for there not being any vocals. Yet I still can't help but feel like I've heard this tune somewhere before. I like that Gouzonis has used very "thin" drums. The usual with electronic music producers is to whack the bass up and drown everything else out.

When You Touch Me starts off with a nice atmospheric sound and a lovely flute melody. A relaxing, beautiful piece of electronica but would have preferred a bit of variation on the melody.

Like The Sun would be the perfect song for the end of a sad movie, leading into the credits. The high pitch synths and arpeggiated melody are enough for background music but I probably wouldn't find myself turning this song on specifically.

Everyday Protection has the perfect pop music structure. But it sounds rather like the last song. I can't really comment much further than that.

I Will Be There has a very strong synth lead, filling out the entire sound. Repetitive, but easy listening. There's nothing that I can pick out as not fitting in or out place. There's an unpredictable change at the end, I like that I had to concentrate on something different.

Fly High didn't live up to its "high" expectation that I had. (See what I did there?) A very cloudy-atmospheric song. But yes, I've heard this melody before. I think it's that Vitamin C song that first comes to mind, but you could also listen to any other song that uses Canon for its melody.

Now I like this! Memories is your typical electronica song. Faster hi-hats, medium kick and enjoyable melody. Probably the best song so far. But there's a bit more to come yet.

You Healed My Heart is the second some on the album that is 4:04. Made me giggle, because most of these songs are in 4/4 timing too. The musician in me is coming out! Anyway, about the song! Again, it's very cloudy and atmospheric (again), but there's some changes in the drums to some low pitch hits that sound like real drums. Makes a nice change that you don't normally hear in this particular genre.

Light In The Night has the call-and-response factor, which means one sound that has a response of another sound that repeats. Gouzonis is an excellent producer and songwriter. I wonder how he will end the album now?

Well, the rest of the album has been perfectly in time, but Gouzonis is pushing his luck here. Yes, the song is in time, but barely. I Am The Way is a nice end to the album, but not really the big bang that I was expecting.

Overall a fantastic album, and considering it's free you can't really go wrong.

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