Beach Sloth reviewed Liberating Truth

Beach Sloth reviewed Sakis Gouzonis' 9th studio album, Liberating Truth.

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Sakis Gouzonis – Liberating Truth

Album Review by Beach Sloth
Founder of Beach Sloth
United States of America
Monday, 13 June 2016

Cinematic in scope, Sakis Gouzonis' Liberating Truth sparkles with dazzling displays. The sweeping sound works wonders as Sakis Gouzonis' attention to detail is astounding. Recalling early '90s chill-out, room music akin to KLF's work, the pieces feeling infinitely welcoming. Tying all of these pieces together is a quiet wordless narrative that reveals a sense of optimism in the world.

Energy pours out of the album opener A Breath Of Life. With a Gregorian-like chant ever present throughout the piece, Sakis Gouzonis creates a kaleidoscope of sound, with the many layers interacting to create a gorgeous soundscape. More introspective in tone is the nimble Deeper Places. Continuing down a calmer path is the delicate ambiance of To Be United, whose precise percussion feels so airy. Playful in tone is the joyous sound of A Land Of Peace And Happiness. Through and through the piece evolves ever so gradually, revealing ever greater displays of melodic flourishes. By far, the highlight of the album is the colossal sound of Until We See All People Free. Celebratory in nature, the small touches do great work as the sound expands showing off Sakis Gouzonis' masterful skill in setting the atmosphere. With an almost dance-like fervor is the soothing Refine Us All. Ending things off on a triumphant note is the tender nature of Love One Another.

Full of light and color, Sakis Gouzonis' Liberating Truth is a futuristic tour de force.

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