Beach Sloth reviewed Amazing Space

Beach Sloth reviewed Sakis Gouzonis' 10th studio album, Amazing Space.

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Sakis Gouzonis – Amazing Space

Album Review by Beach Sloth
Founder of Beach Sloth
United States of America
Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sakis Gouzonis sculpts a unique aural universe on the classically-informed ambient sweeps of Amazing Space. Cinematic in scope, Sakis Gouzonis creates kaleidoscopic seas of sound with multiple layers interacting in glorious ways. Melodically rich, Sakis Gouzonis utilizes light grooves to help drive the sound ever forward. The way that the sound seemingly soars into the sky feels full of hope. By choosing such a sound, Sakis Gouzonis creates a truly immersive world, one that feels quite colorful as the colors collide into vast symphonic seas.

Nicely opening the album is the powerful work of Quest For Peace And Progress. Within this song, Sakis Gouzonis sets the tone for what is to follow. Great fanfare defines the triumphant Into The Stars. More reflective in tone is the spirited Mystic Power. Choosing an interesting intersection of IDM and video game soundtracks in the regal Until The Sun Is Up Again. Reminiscent of some of Add N to (X)'s analog explorations is X Is Waiting For Us, where Sakis Gouzonis does particularly fine work in creating an unspoken narrative. Ever so gentle with its rocking back and forth is the lullaby of Very Gently. Beats gain great importance on the percussive scope of Knight Of The Light. Ending the album on a beautiful note is the delicate arrangement of All Is One And One Is All.

A truly inspiring celebratory experience, Sakis Gouzonis delivers a series of soundscapes that feel so vivid and real with Amazing Space.

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