Artist Reach reviewed Liberating Truth

Artist Reach reviewed Sakis Gouzonis' 9th studio album, Liberating Truth.

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Artist Review: Sakis Gouzonis

Album Review by Justyn Brodsky
Founder of Artist Reach
United States of America
Thursday, 26 May 2016

A demonstration of EDM's ambiance and beauty. Progression and melody driven that manifests a great journey into Greek songwriter-composer Sakis Gouzonis' full-length album, Liberating Truth.

With great usage of strings to set the tone for the rhythm section, we get a great taste of very well written progressions that leaves plenty of room to compose and create compelling melodies in the foreground on songs like A Breath of Life and Deeper Places. And the melodies crafted are very diligent and captivate the listener with the beauty these songs give off, with a cinematic feel.

This is an album that is omitted of vocals completely, but that's something in EDM that's very common and works very appropriately; especially with albums like Liberating Truth. Each track showcases a very soothing aura for the listener, and gives you that feel-good effect that ambient elements tend to do. It's an album that tells a story through passionate moods, and when you close your eyes and temporarily shut off the switch to the rest of the world around you, you begin to notice just how captivating this album is. It's an emotional journey on many levels, something that leads the creative mind to an active and uplifting imagination.

It's a well engineered and diligently composed album that is best listened to as a way to spiritually and emotionally cleanse the mind, and light up the soul. It's definitely an album you should be listening from start to finish with no interruptions from the outside world. It's worth to be taken in for what it really is, and the beauty of it is… it can be interpreted differently to everyone. It could musically medicate you in the ways you feel necessary. And it's something you'll feel once you listen to it. And that's the beauty of the omitted lyrics. If you were to put words to this album, what would they be? What story does this music tell you? What does the aura and beauty of this music mean to you? It's questions that can be figured out by listening to Liberating Truth. So, what are you waiting for? Take a listen to this journey, and discover what it means to you… and what feelings manifest by doing so.

Sakis Gouzonis has won 10 international music awards and has a catalog of 9 studio albums. With an impressively large fan base and experience as a recording & performing artist on major levels… expect big things to emerge from Gouzonis as his career in music continues to evolve, expand and take shape.

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