A World At Peace on Lucky Star Radio

Sakis Gouzonis' 8th studio album, A World At Peace, has been added to the rotation of Lucky Star Radio.

After listening to Sakis Gouzonis' 8th studio album, one of the e-radio station's founders said, "We were going to put one of Sakis' songs into our July rotation, but we've really been enjoying the album a lot at Lucky Star Radio, so we'll be putting two of his songs into our July rotation. So, he'll be played two to three times every day in July. Keep up the great work!"

Lucky Star Radio webcasts from Santa Clarita, California, USA, and they promote mainly new rock music.

A big thank you goes out to B. K. Diaz, Diggy-Kat and Miss Mouse, founders of the e-radio station, for adding Sakis Gouzonis' music album A World At Peace to the station's rotation and for their positive feedback.

News #263 about Sakis

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