Sakis Gouzonis is a Greek composer of instrumental electronic music.
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Top Instrumental Tracks

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Top Instrumental Tracks
# MP3 Track
01 The Power Of Your Love
02 From The Sky
03 In Unity There Is True Strength
04 Every Time We Talk
05 With Respectful Hearts
06 Sweet Joy
07 Everyday Protection
08 Anthem Of Love
09 You Are Not Alone
10 Beyond This Earth
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The Power Of Your Love


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The Power Of Your Love

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2. On the left side of the dialog box click Desktop, and then click the Save button.

3. Wait for the download to complete.

4. Go to your Desktop, and double-click the MP3 track to listen to it.


Newest Instrumental Music Album

Instrumental Music Album #11

Open Horizon
by Sakis Gouzonis

Beautiful instrumental music album Open Horizon by Sakis Gouzonis

Listen to or download Open Horizon

In 2018, Sakis released his 11th instrumental album, Open Horizon.

Open Horizon contains ten beautiful instrumental tracks.

For more instrumental music albums, visit the Music page.


Excerpts from Album Reviews

What the press is saying about Sakis Gouzonis

"…Definitely a world class act…"

– Kenneth Morton, Highwire Daze
California, USA

"…These instrumentals can mesmerize and inspire any listener anywhere on the globe…"

– MC Rydel, IMRadio
Illinois, USA

"…He is able to create a living, visual landscape through his music, which seems rare for electronica…"

– Michael Doherty, Michael Doherty's Music Log
California, USA

"…Gouzonis is an excellent producer and songwriter…"

– Daniel Miller, Blazing Minds
United Kingdom, EU

"…A man much decorated in the world of international music and rated to be the biggest export Greece has ever had…"

– Steve Sheppard, One World Music
United Kingdom, EU

"…The music seems to be made for movies that want to be epic…"

– Ted Rogen, The Equal Ground
Illinois, USA

"…I truly feel as if I'm floating through atmospheres, dancing among the stars, and watching a divine interplay among the heavens…"

– Rick Jamm, Jamsphere
Texas, USA

"…Gouzonis' eighth effort is a triumph of originality and nostalgia…"

– Brett Stewart, Tilting Windmill Studios
Illinois, USA

"…His songs are what you would expect to hear within the soundtrack from a truly epic movie…"

– Andrea Caccese, The Bandcamp Diaries
New York, USA

"…Cinematic in scope, Sakis Gouzonis creates kaleidoscopic seas of sound with multiple layers interacting in glorious ways…"

– Beach Sloth, Beach Sloth
New York, USA

"…“Open Horizon” is an album made with a lot of care, love and understanding of the craft…"

– Drooble Team, Drooble
Bulgaria, EU

For album reviews, visit the Album Reviews subpage.



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Sakis Gouzonis

Who is Sakis Gouzonis?

Sakis Gouzonis is a Greek composer.
Sakis Gouzonis composes instrumental electronic music.

Does Sakis use computers to compose music?

Sakis likes using real musical instruments, such as synthesizers and music workstations.
Sakis is a musician, so he needs at least one real musical instrument to compose music.

Where did Sakis study music?

Sakis did not study music.
Sakis is a self-taught musician.


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