Sakis Gouzonis


Sakis Gouzonis is the most popular Greek artist on MySpace in 2011

17 October 2007 was the day that Sakis Gouzonis joined MySpace, the world's largest music social network. Many incredible things have happened ever since!

Today, Sakis Gouzonis has more than 285.000 friends in 219 countries and territories, who support him every single day. This is a particularly huge number of people and countries!

Over the last four years, listeners have been spreading the word about Sakis Gouzonis on MySpace. Bloggers, journalists, music reviewers and writers from all over the world have been publishing reviews and articles about Sakis Gouzonis' music. DJs and radio producers have been playing Sakis Gouzonis' music on their shows. Numerous e-mails, public comments and private messages have been exchanged.

A special thanks goes out to all of you who keep downloading Sakis Gouzonis' music and sharing it with your friends. Your support is very important and much appreciated.

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