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News celebrates 2 years online


Two years ago, Sakis Gouzonis launched his official website,!

Since 1 August 2008, people from many countries and territories have visited As a result, numerous listens and downloads have taken place, and many encouraging e-mails have been delivered to Sakis Gouzonis' inbox.

A huge thank you goes out to all of Sakis Gouzonis' international fans and friends for all of their amazing love and invaluable support the past two years.

A special thank you goes out to all bloggers, journalists, music reviewers and writers for the press coverage over the last two years, as well as to all venue owners, DJs and radio producers who have helped Sakis Gouzonis to reach more listeners.

July 2010 - Countries that visited


In July 2010, people from 47 countries & territories visited

01. Argentina 25. Mexico
02. Australia 26. Netherlands
03. Austria 27. Peru
04. Botswana 28. Philippines
05. Brazil 29. Poland
06. Canada 30. Portugal
07. Chile 31. Russia
08. China 32. Serbia
09. Croatia 33. Seychelles
10. Cyprus 34. Singapore
11. Czech Republic 35. South Africa
12. Denmark 36. Spain
13. Ethiopia 37. Sweden
14. Finland 38. Switzerland
15. France 39. Syrian Arab Republic
16. Germany 40. Taiwan
17. Greece 41. Thailand
18. Guatemala 42. Turkey
19. India 43. Tuvalu
20. Indonesia 44. Ukraine
21. Ireland 45. United Arab Emirates
22. Italy 46. United Kingdom
23. Japan 47. United States of America
24. Malaysia  

A huge thank you goes out to all visitors.

Sakis Gouzonis' iSound artist site has just been upgraded to iSound 2.0


iSound has just launched a completely new version of the site. Some new features include simple and intelligent music discovery, continuous play while browsing, custom playlist and recommendations.

Sakis Gouzonis' iSound artist site has just been upgraded to iSound 2.0. You can visit his completely redesigned iSound artist site at Any kind of feedback is much appreciated.

Sakis Gouzonis has been interviewed by CountryHome


Greek electronic music composer Sakis Gouzonis has been interviewed by CountryHome.

CountryHome is an e-magazine based in Germany. It is Germany's premier country music e-magazine. It publishes interviews in English, French and German.

A big thank you goes out to Christian Lamitschka, editor of CountryHome, for interviewing Sakis Gouzonis.

Interview #2

Sakis Gouzonis reaches 150.000 friends on MySpace


Sakis Gouzonis' MySpace page has just reached 150.000 friends, and it is continuing to grow very fast. Sakis Gouzonis' MySpace page is still the most popular Greek MySpace page and one of the few very successful MySpace music pages worldwide!

A big thank you goes out to all of you (you come from 216 countries and territories) for downloading Sakis Gouzonis' music, and getting his CDs. A special thank you goes out to the employees at MySpace for all their invaluable support and advice so far.

MySpace is the world's largest music social network. The beauty of MySpace is that it lets fans communicate directly with their favorite artists and bands from all over the world. You can create your own page/profile, meet old friends and make new ones, listen to new music and create playlists, and more.

Remember to follow Sakis at

The Day Has Come on Freies Radio B138


The Day Has Come, the sixth track of Sakis Gouzonis' second studio album titled New Earth, has been added to the rotation of Freies Radio B138.

Freies Radio B138 is based in Kirchdorf, Austria, and it showcases the work of international artists and bands.

A big thank you goes out to Alexander Sackel, owner of the e-radio station, for playing Sakis Gouzonis' music on his Unerhoert e-radio show.

June 2010 - Countries that visited


In June 2010, people from 65 countries & territories visited

01. Andorra 34. Latvia
02. Argentina 35. Macedonia, former Yugoslav Republic of
03. Australia 36. Malaysia
04. Austria 37. Maldives
05. Belgium 38. Mexico
06. Bermuda 39. Netherlands
07. Brazil 40. New Zealand
08. Bulgaria 41. Norway
09. Canada 42. Philippines
10. China 43. Poland
11. Colombia 44. Portugal
12. Costa Rica 45. Romania
13. Croatia 46. Russia
14. Cyprus 47. Saudi Arabia
15. Czech Republic 48. Seychelles
16. Denmark 49. Singapore
17. Dominican Republic 50. Slovakia
18. Estonia 51. South Africa
19. Finland 52. Spain
20. France 53. Sudan
21. Georgia 54. Suriname
22. Germany 55. Sweden
23. Greece 56. Switzerland
24. Hungary 57. Taiwan
25. Iceland 58. Thailand
26. India 59. Turkey
27. Indonesia 60. Tuvalu
28. Iraq 61. Ukraine
29. Ireland 62. United Kingdom
30. Israel 63. United States of America
31. Italy 64. Uruguay
32. Japan 65. Viet Nam
33. Korea, Republic of  

A huge thank you goes out to all visitors.

Sakis Gouzonis to release his 3rd studio album on 10 October 2010


Sakis Gouzonis has been busy writing new music for his 3rd studio album, which will be officially released on 10 October 2010.

Ten brand new tracks of beautiful instrumental electronic music are on their way.

Take good care of yourselves and stay tuned for further updates.

New Earth on Athens International Radio 104.4 FM


Athens International Radio 104.4 FM, the Athens Municipality multilanguage radio, has just begun to broadcast tracks from Sakis Gouzonis' second studio album, New Earth.

Responding to the needs of foreign residents and visitors in the Greek capital, the Athens Municipality created AIR 104.4 FM broadcasting 24/7 in 16 languages. AIR 104.4 FM was born in 2004, the year that the Olympic Games were held in Athens, and it is based in Technopolis, Gazi, Athens. Monday to Friday, news and all kinds of useful information are broadcasted in Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog and Urdu. AIR 104.4 FM is affiliated with the BBC (UK), RFI (France), Deutsche Welle (Germany) and CRI (China), and brings to its listeners all the major political and cultural events.

A big thank you goes out to Major Tom, ET journalist at Athens International Radio (AIR 104.4 FM), for playing Sakis Gouzonis' music on his show at 22:30 (Athens Time) Monday through Friday.

Imerisios Kirikas article about Sakis Gouzonis' place in the UKSC 2010


An article about Sakis Gouzonis' place in the UKSC 2010 has been published in today's 19.334th printed edition of Imerisios Kirikas.

Imerisios Kirikas is a newspaper based in Larisa, Greece. It publishes news from Larisa, Greece and other places.

A big thank you goes out to A. Zisopoulos, owner and editor of Imerisios Kirikas, as well as to all journalists of Imerisios Kirikas, for publishing an article about Sakis Gouzonis' place in the UKSC 2010.

Greek Article #11

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