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Sakis Gouzonis: MP3s

Ultimate Love

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Ultimate Love
Music by Sakis Gouzonis

Ultimate Love by Sakis Gouzonis

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Ultimate Love by Sakis GouzonisFormat: MP3 (320 kbps)
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#Artist - TrackTimeAlbum

01Sakis Gouzonis - Strong3:03Ultimate Love

06Sakis Gouzonis - Fly High5:10Ultimate Love

07Sakis Gouzonis - Memories4:04Ultimate Love

Copyright © 2011 Sakis Gouzonis. All rights reserved.

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How to listen to this album (for Windows/PC users)

Left-click on the MP3 links above.

For example, left-click on the MP3 link named Sakis Gouzonis - Strong.

How to download this album track by track (for Windows/PC users)

1. Right-click on the MP3 links above.

For example, right-click on the MP3 link named Sakis Gouzonis - Strong,
and choose...

Save Link As..., if you use Chrome or FireFox,
or Save Target As..., if you use Internet Explorer,
or Download Linked File As..., if you use Safari,
or Save Linked Content As..., if you use Opera.

2. Pick a place on your hard drive to save your MP3s (for example, Desktop), and click Save.

3. Go to where you saved your MP3s (for example, Desktop), and double-click them.

How to download this album at once in a ZIP folder (for Windows/PC users)

1. Click here to download this album in a ZIP folder (75.8 MB).

2. If you use Chrome or Opera, the download will begin automatically.
If you use Firefox, click Save File and OK.
If you use Internet Explorer or Safari, click Save.

To unzip the ZIP folder...

1. Right-click on the ZIP folder, and choose Extract All....

2. Click Browse... to specify a location for the unzipped folder (for example, Desktop).

3. Click Extract.

When you download an entire album in a ZIP folder, the MP3 tracks appear in alphabetical order, not in the order they appear on the original album.

To listen to the MP3 tracks in the order they appear on the original album, open the new unzipped folder, and click # and Play All.

Note: If you are not a Windows/PC user, search the internet for instructions for your operating system/device.



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