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Sakis Gouzonis: Links

Music Social Networks

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Music social networks that are online and currently used:

Sakis Gouzonis PureVolume Profile

Rank: #1 Greek Top Artist
Audience: 175.000+ fans & friends


Music social networks that are no longer online or no longer used:

Sakis Gouzonis MySpace Page

Rank: #1 Greek Top Artist
Audience: 384.710 fans & friends

Classic was shut down by its owners on 12 June 2013.
Sakis Gouzonis used MySpace from 17 October 2007 to 11 June 2013.


Sakis Gouzonis iSound Artist Site

Rank: #1 Greek Top Artist
Audience: 5.346 fans & friends was shut down by its owner on 19 July 2012.
Sakis Gouzonis used iSound from 5 October 2008 to 18 July 2012.


Sakis Gouzonis IMRadio Profile

Rank: #1 Greek & International Top Artist
Audience: 2.230 fans & friends was deleted by Sakis Gouzonis on 18 November 2013.
Sakis Gouzonis used IMRadio from 13 December 2008 to 17 November 2013.

Latest Update: 22 February 2015

Music Equipment Websites

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If you are an electronic musician, here is a list of music equipment websites that you may find useful.



Ableton - A German company that makes software and hardware for creating music.

Adam - A loudspeaker manufacturing company based in Berlin, Germany.

Akai - A consumer electronics brand located in Singapore.

AKG - An Austrian manufacturer of audio electronics and accessories.

Alesis - A digital audio company based in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

Apogee Electronics - A US based digital audio company.

Arturia - A developer of music software and hardware located in Grenoble, France.

Avid - An American company specializing in video and audio production technology.

B&W - A British loudspeaker company.

Behringer - An audio equipment company based in Monaco.

Beyerdynamic - A German audio equipment manufacturer.

Cakewalk - An American developer of digital audio workstations and virtual instruments.

Casio - A multinational electronic devices manufacturing company located in Tokyo, Japan.

Crown - A manufacturer of audio electronics based in Indiana, USA.

Dynacord - A German digital audio company.

E-MU - A digital audio company located in California, USA.

EV - A US manufacturer of audio equipment.

Genelec - A manufacturer of active loudspeaker systems based in Iisalmi, Finland.

IK Multimedia - A computer music technology company located in Modena, Italy.

Image Line - A Belgian music software company.

iZotope - An audio technology company based in Massachusetts, USA.

JBL - An American audio electronics company.

Kawai - A Japanese musical equipment manufacturing company.

Korg - A Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures electronic musical equipment.

Kurzweil - A manufacturer of electronic musical instruments located in California, USA.

Lexicon - A US based digital audio company.

Line 6 - A manufacturer of electronic equipment based in California, USA.

M-Audio - A designer and importer of a variety of audio products located in California, USA.

Mackie - A brand of the US based company Loud Technologies -a pro audio company.

Magix - A provider of digital content for multimedia communications based in Berlin, Germany.

Martin - A manufacturer of lighting solutions headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark.

Moog Music - An American manufacturer of electronic musical instruments.

Motu - A music-related computer software and hardware supplier located in Cambridge, UK.

Native Instruments - A German manufacturer of music software and hardware.

Neumann - A manufacturer of professional recording microphones based in Berlin, Germany.

Notation Software - A developer of music notation software located in Washington, USA.

Open Labs - A developer of customized, computer music keyboards based in Texas, USA.

Phonic - A Taiwan based professional audio equipment manufacturer.

Proel - An Italian audio, video, and lighting systems manufacturer.

Propellerhead - A music software company located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Rode Microphones - An Australian manufacturer of microphones and related accessories.

Roland - A Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical equipment.

Sennheiser - A German manufacturer of microphones, headphones, etc.

Shure - A consumer and professional audio electronics corporation based in Illinois, USA.

Sibelius - A music software company located in London, England.

Sony Creative Software - A subsidiary of Sony, focused on their line of media production software.

Soundcraft - A British manufacturer of mixing consoles and other professional audio equipment.

Spectrasonics - A music software company based in California, USA.

Steinberg - A German musical software and equipment company.

Tannoy - An English manufacturer of loudspeakers and public-address (PA) systems.

Tascam - A professional audio division of Teac Corporation headquartered in California, USA.

TC Electronic - A Danish audio equipment manufacturer.

Yamaha - A multinational corporation and conglomerate located in Japan.


Trade Shows

Musikmesse - A music fair held at the Frankfurt Trade Fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

NAMM - A trade show held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, USA.



GigaSonic - A music equipment store in San Jose, California, USA.

Music Store - A music equipment store in the center of Cologne, Germany.

Musician's Friend - A music equipment store in Medford, Oregon, USA.

Thomann - A music equipment store in Treppendorf (near Bamberg), Germany.

Latest Update: 22 February 2015

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