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Welcome to the official website of Greek electronic music composer Sakis Gouzonis.

Statistics 524161 fans/friends in 220 countries/territories | Millions of music downloads


Top 10

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Top 10 (April 2014) Format: MP3 (320 kbps)
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# Artist - Track Time Album
01 Sakis Gouzonis - Elohim 2:40 New Earth
02 Sakis Gouzonis - Joy Of My Heart 3:01 Spiritual Unity
03 Sakis Gouzonis - Give Me A Chance 2:56 First Contact
04 Sakis Gouzonis - You Are Not Alone 3:24 Vast Victory
05 Sakis Gouzonis - With Respectful Hearts 3:27 The Tree Of Life
06 Sakis Gouzonis - Anthem Of Love 4:30 First Contact
07 Sakis Gouzonis - From The Sky 4:09 New Earth
08 Sakis Gouzonis - Give Me All Your Love Tonight 3:22 Spiritual Unity
09 Sakis Gouzonis - You Healed My Heart 4:04 Ultimate Love
10 Sakis Gouzonis - Till The End Of Time 5:25 Vast Victory
Copyright © 2008 - 2014 Sakis Gouzonis. All rights reserved.

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General Information
With 7 international music awards, 520.000 fans/friends in 220 countries/territories and 1.000 live performances Sakis Gouzonis is now the #1 Greek electronic composer of the new generation all over the world.
Sakis Gouzonis's true talent, passion, creativity and commitment to quality music
are what separate him from all other Greek electronic music composers.
Legal Information
All contents on are protected by international copyright laws and cannot be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means without the written consent of Greek artist Sakis Gouzonis.
Copyright © 2008-2014 Sakis Gouzonis (Greek: Σάκης Γκουζώνης). All rights reserved.
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